It’s the glove theory!

No, it’s not about O.J.  It is my theory that I am just a glove!! I am nothing, useless as a pair of gloves sitting on my dresser. I might look real nice in the store, or shown off to friends, or just felt by an admirer, the true test will be a hand that goes into the glove! You see the glove has no use until something is put into it, making it’s usefulness come to life.

This is where I become a instrument, not a thing. If I have the Holy Spirit in me(the hand) my(glove) reflects the actions of the Holy Spirit(the hand). Because I am nothing, without  God in me!

Without God in me, I cannot reach out to welcome someone into my home, I cannot help someone that has fallen, or give praise to My God that has given me all things that surpasses his Name!!  I am truly amazed at his fullness that he gives me! He has filled me just right, a perfect fit! I did not fit his hand!! He and Him alone was the originator of the perfect hand!

Did you notice?! The glove changed color when His Hand is in the Glove!

It was a black  glove, now it is white with his Glory and pureness of being the New Glove! I am a new Glove with his presence in me(glove) with his actions and movements that show his desires!

This is one of my greatest Word picture’s of what I can be!

I want to be a glove with With Christ in me!!


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