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Is it really that simple?

Why as people do we try to improve on the basics of life?  I sometimes think that those people that live in a third world country, understand the meaning of life!  The one and only goal for each day is to keep a roof over their head, to have clothes on their back and to have food to eat. As a God believing man, He has told me that He will take care of my needs. If this is what God does for me, why am I doing all the things that I am doing for nothing. Their is no relevance or purpose in my fretting, or killing myself to do year after year just to survive in my life.

My next thought would be- What does God want me to be doing?

As a rock in God’s Church, I believe that we are to be as Him and to be a light unto the World!! Our daily living is a example unto Him,showing that He is in control and he meets our needs as mentioned.

But the Biggest example that I can show is to show the FAITH that it takes to believe in Him, because our Faith is that of a mustard seed is as Almighty as He is.

My Mind,Soul, and Spirit is set on these things as I live for HIM from this day forward. AMEN


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