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The Spirit of the Law?

Ok, where did this come from? What is it? Is it ever used? When and where?
I hear this now and then with people in their conversations and I wonder if they really know what it means?
I know that when I am driving down the road and I see a speed limit sign that says 55mph, I wonder what that sign is reallly telling me? Is it saying really that If I go 56mph that I am breaking a law based actual tests or is it that the spirit of the law, is to be safe at the speed of my car is going on the road?
Is the intention of the law telling me that going super fast is not in my best interest? Why are we hung up on the Law? 55 Or else?

I say all that to say “what if we lived by the Spirit of the Law, as opposed by the Law.?”
Now you can go two different ways with this at least. I am going to go with my direction first.
If Christ has come and died on the Cross and has died to the law. Why are we still living by the law? Let’s get over it! and Live by the Spirit of the Law!!!!


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Just Renew it!?

This is part 2 of “How do you change your Mind?”
This is a back way getting to my real subject matter of what it would take for us, let it be the Apostles,Pharisees, Sadducees to actually change their minds on what Jesus was showing and telling them of his eternal purpose!
Just a side note: do you think that there is a pattern of what God did and How he did it? 1. He spoke from above to his people on daily living(trust him), 2. He came down personally to show them how to live the eternal life(a spiritual walk with God in a human body) 3. the Holy Spirit(the church,His Body,His eternal Worship, HIS BRIDE to be!!
And we still haven’t learned Yet!! What does it take, God is thinking?
It is about his eternal Purpose!
God had a plan!!! It started with Adam!
He created this environment for his bride to live and enjoy for His coming marriage. He throws a marriage party that has yet to be duplicated for Adam! then Adam chooses to go a different way. He chooses the tree of Good and Evil! The tree of Life is still standing there wanting to be picked for Adam! This Tree is still there for Adam to pick,because God(Jesus) has been crucified on the tree for us because we choose that tree. We now have that tree before us, because that is the only tree left(Tree of Life), there was only 2 options that day for Adam!!
You see it is all about the Mind, Romans 12:2 says that:Do not be conformed to this world,but be transformed by the renew of you mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.
Our ability to change our mindset of being of this world to that of God’s Will makes us change and be of His Will to know what is good and acceptable and perfect!!
Have you? I know I have!!
I changed my MIND!
Thank God!! yes, I did.

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How do you change your mind?

Do you have your mind made up? Do you just naturally believe what you have been taught,and Why? When and How does your belief in someone or something change? Is it facts or assumptions that have built our way of life? I have come across all these questions over the last 3 yrs and I have come to the conclusion that I have done all these things! Assumed!! I have gone back to the beginning and re-evaluated some of my assumptions and have changed my perspective on these things. It was partly of understanding that the people of my upbringing were of importance and that I should believe them. I have no ill will for them because of this, because I too believe that have done the same thing, assumed!. The other part is my inability to take it for myself to understand  what I thought I believed. This is where my journey begins…. My Faith!    I will later tell you where this has led me in my trip!

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