We are one in the Spirit!

What does this really Mean?
I think that I may have something to that regard.
My wife and I have been married for almost 32 years and it seems that we have been on the same page for quite a few years with alot of stuff. It seems that we can predict what each other will say before we say it, we can know what we both want for supper,we know each other more than the other person realizes it.
I wonder if this is what it means in the bible that the 2 shall become 1?!
This is the description of a marriage!
If this is correct, then the concept of the church(bride) and Christ(groom) being 1 in the Spirit makes sense!!!!
The key to all this is the fellowship of my wife and me thru all these years with getting to walk and talk to each other, learning from each other and desiring more and more time together.
Our time with God is the key to all this oneness. We have to desire to be with Him every second, every day of our lives!
We can be One in the Spirit with the Lord!!!


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