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How do we get back to the beginning?

It is true that the frog doesn’t realize in what Hot Water he is in,(you know the story,right) until it is to late!
I believe that is what the “Church” has done, it has gotten comfortable sitting in that cool pot of water and when the church continued to add the higher flames(rules,regulations) and then finally the flames above the pot, that we decided that it was to late to do anything, Our gooses were cooked! We were stuck in the Law!!
I “Believe” that Christ died to the law and we have the “Faith” that we should “Walk” in the Spirit as He intended us to do! I call it the “BFW” way of life!
Believe,Faith,Walk in the Spirit!

I truly believe that Jesus died for sin,I have Faith that He is Alive, and that I can Walk with Him in the Spirit on a daily basis.


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