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Did He or didn’t He?

Are we supposed to Act differently when someone has paid our debt off?
For some reason or other we continue to believe that we still owe it!!!
I am talking about Christ paying for the debt of the World-SIN!!!!
If we understand the concept of sin, that is the product of good and evil, then if Christ died for it, or has taken it away as a choice, then why are we still acting like it is still there?
Let me go back to the beginning, Adam was only given 2 choices in the garden, the tree of Life or the tree of good and evil. He choose the tree of good and evil, then if Christ died for this tree(sin) All we have left to choose is the Tree of Life(Holy Spirit)(Eternal Life)!!!!! This is what God wanted all along!! Let us Be and Act like we have chosen the Tree of Life!!!!

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