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Parallel Universe?

I am a fan of the show “Fringe”, now you may be turned off by me because I like that show, just don’t like the show. But let me tell you a quick premise of the show. It is about a agency off of CIA that investigates extreme cases of just plain weidness stuff. When they come across the fact that a parallel universe exists?! This is a very interesting plot line with many more inside this one.
I tell you all this to bring you to my point of Think of the Bible as a different universe in the sense that Jesus even said that “He” was no of this World!!
WOW!! seems weird with that kind of thinking doesn’t it!
But what if look at the New Covenant* as this NEW WORLD that Jesus was talking about?! What if we were to live as if we a part of Jesus’s Realm.
There is a part in the show that brings out Peter is from the different world and only his father knew.(Isn’t that ironic! sound familar)
His being in the world that we know about, should say alot to us. One, he was not being extremely different to as not to fit in. He was in the World but not in the world if you know what I mean. Two, He was rescued from death(you have to watch the show to find this out) to live in this world to be this same character(peter) but now as a being from this other world.
This is the same story line as God has bestowed to his son,Jesus, to come from His other World, to die for us in this world and to live in us as a Spirit of himself.




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