I’ll do it when the spirit moves me!!

I have told my wife those exact words. It was always in jest tho, I think!
But I think I may have come across something that makes those words come to life!?

Did you know those words or actions is what the Lord wanted the Israelites and Moses to do back in the old testament!! He said not to do anything until I move!! WOW!!!!
This is just the opposite of what we do now!! we move and expect the Lord to follow what we do or say everyday don’t we! It’s the proverbial saying of getting the cart before the horse. How many times do we as individuals and as the “church” act before the Lord does. We forget that we do not have to worry about staying put! because just like the old testament times of Moses if we are under the clouds(in his will)(his church) we will be provided for,manna from heaven. Substance from heaven can’t be to bad either!!
God provided for his people when they were in his ways and not there own wisdom. It is when we venture out on our own understanding that we get into trouble!!
I have also got the cart before the horse on this blog! How do I have the Spirit or feel the Spirit talk to me to move me? This will be the next blog coming up. So hang on!!

P.S. I would still do what your wife tells you to do, whether the Spirit tells you or not! I speak from experience!! Okay Men!


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