Daily Walk

I wonder sometimes if our intention in the morning is to be intentional in everything we do or say in our day or do we play it by ear?
I say this in regards to your daily walk with God in the sense that It seems to no avail I can have the best laid intentions in doing something in my week and it is always interrupted by something. Is this by accident or is it something that God has laid before me to see if I give it attention? I see it”as not my will but His Will” thing!!
This sometimes is aggravating if you are like me when I have the greatest schedule all worked out for the week and God changes it to His schedule?!!!
I sometimes wonder also on if this is not just a subtle hint that He is in charge and we are only to be concerned about today, and He has it under control without my help. My only job is to meet the day accordingly with the understanding that His will, not mine is going to be done!!

I have recently tried to believe this in my daily walk with him,that today is today, what ever comes my way is what I should be concerned about!

I am going to throw out all my calenders!! how about you!!


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