Let’s just start all over?

Have you ever wanted to just start over your day? what about your job? what about your life?

I think in respect I think that is what we should all do! Let me tell you what I mean.  When a creater of a car designs  his new creation, he has intentions of someone driving this car in a certain way, with style,effecientcy,speed,beauty and dependability!  but what if we take it off the lot and we don’t use it as it was intended.  What if we drive reckless and destroy the inside of the car and outside of the car to our hearts content. It will only last for a very short time in this way.

I think this is what has happened to us as God’s people! We were designed for His Purpose, in HIS WAY!  Watchman Nee explains it very well in his commentary.(ask I will show his works) He explains it going over Genisis 1-2. God created everything!He created the heavens for the earth,the earth for man, and man for God!! Now just that should blow you away!! We were made for God!

But the best is yet to come!! When God created the earth for man, He made everything for man already to go(this is called instant life for us,faster than the ole nuker! ) He created the air,vegetation,animals,water,food,and a life mate! All we had to do was just live and worship HIM for created this for us and BE God’s creation as He intended it to be!!  This scenerio has blown me away! God’s whole intention for us was just to take care of this earth, worship Him. This was  the intension of the Creator of the car and the World.

Why have we messed it up? We have made something so simple,so hard!

My question to you is How do we start over? What do we do?

I have my idea’s and I will tell you later but what are yours? Let me know



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