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Seen anyone with Joy walking around lately?

Those people that have JOY in them will be filled with Christ!
Do you have Joy!

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Is it the hand or the Glove?

This is another take on the the hand and glove example blog.

Does it seem like the glove has come to life?
You might have to read my blog on the glove, to understand this but let’s give it a chance.
If we as christians are to be dead to ourselves, and alive to Christ, then why are we trying to be alive when we are shell for the hand, that is inside us? The glove moves only when the hand inside him moves. The glove only makes signals or motions when the hand signals or motions!
I see this in the the way that people act or react to life! I see this in the way that people talk! It is like the saying “the tail is wagging the dog!”

To say the least, it is frustrating to see this in your walk with Christ, especially when it is from the “churched”. I guess this is what Paul was up against when he was ministering to the Pharisees and Sadducees.
If we truly have died to ourselves(glove) and we are only alive because of Christ(hand), what a glorious site that would be!!


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Oil and Water!?

Just by hearing someone saying ” it’s like oil and water” has that connatation that it is not good. After all,look at the Gulf of Mexico!!!

But let me tell you about another Oil and Water example.  It is our christian Life?!

What are you talking about you say?! Well let me explain, or try too.

Let’s try and explain it like this, If I lived in Houston,Tx and you lived in New York City and you wanted to  go from the Airport to my house by car and I told you the exact turn by turn directions and I told you to turn at a certain street with the sign in the store, or turn at the house with the green roof, or go to the intersection that has a roundabout in it, or go to the street corner that john is standing at and he will tell you the rest of the route.

You would say WHAT!!!  That is just crazy? Stupid,Wild, or just un-heard of in this world of “just Google it!”

You see it doesn’t make sense to you because———- You are not from Houston,Tx.

You are from New York City, you don’t know the city like I do. I know all the turns and shortcuts and scenic ways of the city and suburbs. You see I am from Houston,Tx and I know all that there is know about Houston,Tx!

But it is when you try to change or modify my directions that you will get yourself in trouble or lost! When you tell me that wouldn’t it be better to get on this loop around the city and then go down this street and then to this street to my destination.  And I say,No! For I know that if you did that it will cause you to take longer or that that street is closed or that street is dangerous, or that way is misleading to your journey.

You see, It is when we change or see it as easier  in our eyes the way to do something, that it gets us in to trouble.

My point to all this is -This!! If God is telling you on how to get to his house, Are you going to go by your directions or His.  You see I was talking Houstonese(I just made this word up) to you in my directions to you, because that is way that it is in houston, it is like another world from  your New York City.

Wait a minute! It is! You see God is talking about and living through His City(kingdom).

We have mixed Oil and Water and have tried for centuries to  get it make it into what God wants. That is the problem, we can not, I repeat we cannot mix humanistic ways with God’s ways!!! It is HIS KINGDOM, AND ONLY HIS KINGDOM!!!

It is through Him and His Kingdom that we live! His ways are not our ways!! Isaiah 55:8 In plain English, it is not our thoughts or knowledge of mankinds ways, it is Christ’s Holy ways that will lead us to the Kingdom! or Houston(my knowledge of houston is little, all mentions of abouve of this city is greatly exaggerated!!!!

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Is change in the Air?

I feel like things are a changin!!
and I am going to chaulk it up to the Holy Spirit! His Spirit is brought up in more conversations, His Spirit is felt by me and others, His Spirit is seen by Great acts in the Church, We are in the midst of His Great Awakening for HIS Kingdom. Praise the Lord.
Let me know if you agree or disagree?

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Two Great minds think alike!

I am going to show you a couple of parallels in this blog

My wonderful wife of almost 32 years can finish each other sentences, we know what each other are going to say before the other one says it, we can know what we want before we ask of each other!

You see, we have been with each other 24/7 for the past 32 yrs plus dating time of 3 yrs, I should hope that we would know a few things about each other. But it is that constant day after day that we are together with each other watching,listening, talking to each other and learning everything about each other.

I believe that this is exactly what the Lord had in mind,when he wanted us to be with Him. We were to walk,talk,listen to HIm as we take our daily journey. So why don’t we know very much about Him? Why are we walking with strangers that lead us down the wrong path?  We seem only take walks with Christ when we are in trouble or to just say we did on Sunday!!! Boy, is that sad!

When my wife and I were sitting in our living room last week, and we both were spiting out the same words about a subject it was just amazing that we could be thinking the same thing at the same moment. And then it hit me!  Is this what it means when the bible says that we will know his Will.

We will never be able to know his will if we never spend 24/7 with him. It is HIs Word, Prayer, and Living it that will be able to know what he has instore for us!!

It is fun and just amazing when my wife and I can know and say the same thing, Now if only I was that close to God!!! I pray that you and God can make that journey of continual worship with each other.

The second parallel is my Wife and I(husband). Do you think that it is only a coincidence that the parallel between my wife and me as husband that we know so much about each other, when this is exactly as He has created Christ(husband) and the Church(the bride) as one!!!! The union of my wife and I, the union of the church and Christ!!

Is that AWESOME OR WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What if all we did was feed the Sheep?

Do you know whee I am going with this?

I am almost scared to blog about it.

What if everyone got up Monday morning and just started to feed the sheep?

Are listenening to what I am saying?

Do you know what I mean?

Ok, this is exactly what I mean!

What if we as christians get up on monday morning and started our own mission of feeding the sheep!

I am basing this on biblical principals  of Cain and Abel, Abel was the first generation to start the sacrificial giving of just feeding the sheep. If Abel was in his daily routine of just feeding the sheep, did you notice that abel’s life was being taken care of, shelter,food and just plain life! that’s God taken care of you,just one day at a time!!!!

That is all God asks of us.

Now let me get more specific- Feeding sheep is taking care of the lost. We are to just feed them with love of God,the words of our God, and the faith of our Father to fill them with His Spirit. You see it is not up to us if the lost becomes found but Him and Him only.

Let me just add to this, this is also the outward showing of our lives  to others. It is that daily assurance that we show to others in our lives of believing that God is in control and he takes care of us,one day at a time!!

Now let me just blow your mind for the weekend to think about!!!

When I say we are to just to feed the sheep, I mean just feed the sheep.

We are to make it our daily journey of feeding on the Lord!

The reason this is just crazy is because it is just the opposite of what we are doing now!!

I challenge myself and everyone that reads this to do this within the next six weeks and and to feed the sheep. Do this trusting God from when you wake up til you go to bed to be there in everything you do and say. Be creative that day, walk your neighborhood, check out starbucks, talk to a stranger and ask them how they are reeeeaaaaallllllllyyyy doing? Tell them you will keep them in touch on a daily basis. Get their phone #, their address, their email and continue the dialogue until you know that they believe in the Lord Jesus Christ!!   This is called FEEDING THE SHEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are you doing Monday?

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Hey christians!- Just Feed the Sheep!

I love it when God and His Word combine themselves and hit you with the simple little message, that was just sitting there all the time!!
My journey right now has been reading watchman nee and his many books. I am currently reading his life study of the Bible,Genesis, on the website-Living Stream Check it out!
I am reading thru Genesis last week and he is going thru the story of Cain and Abel, When he explains the sacrifice of Cain’s produce that he had grown from the land.
Bear with me in my xplaining, but if you connect the dots it will blow you away!!
Cain’s attempt of giving his sacrifice to God, was a given. You see, if his parents(Adam,Eve) were punished to til the ground for their Sin this is exactly was what Cain was doing. The parents(Adam,Eve)were parenting their kids the best that they could! and You never have 2 kids alike!! Cain was the one that had the bad attitude let alone the bad heart! His sacrifice for God was (in his eyes) all His doing! His care for the produce was his watering,his weeding,his time, his growing? After all what else could he do?!
But wait! Able was apart of the family too and he was under the guidance of his parents, that under their forgiveness for their Sins, they have been saved. Abel came under this same conviction as his parents had believed that his sacrifice was to shed the blood of the lamb. His parents were the leaders of this faith in Abel.
Abel’s job in the family, if you didn’t know was to just feed the family’s Sheep herd!
This is all he did! That is all that was required from him!!
When Cain saw and heard that God was not pleased with his sacrifice, it was Anger that surfaced because of the sin that was in him. This Sin that was in him then led to the murdering of his brother!

His attitude of His sacrifice was  the Best! He gave  it all he could to make the best Vegetable in the whole garden!

You see, we also do the same thing, We create,We do,We make,We look the very best  that we can!  The only problem with this is, it’s not what God ask’s us to do!!

Now let’s look  at what Abel did.  He was to feed the sheep.

wait a minute.  This is all Abel did! He didn’t have to check everyday about the mundane things as Cain had to do everyday.

So Abel got up every morning and feed the Sheep and feed them at night.

and that’s all.


God’s plan is simple!

Now in this story the names are the same to not protect them!! funny! The sheep are

Just a side note here.  —  But let’s fast forward to the New Testament how many times is the story or parable about a shepherd tending his Sheep!! Amazing isn’t it! He is trying to tell us something!

Back to my story, I also receive daily emails from the Watchman Nee’s website for inspiration. When  I read today’s scripture it says:

John 21:17-He said to him the third time,Simon, son of John,do you love Me?…And he said to Him,Lord, You know all things; You know that I love You. Jesus said to him, FEED MY SHEEP!!!

God is Amazing!!!

Now, If this is all that God asks of us, shouldn’t this be what we do?

If we are to just feed the sheep(we now change their name to the “lost ones”!), what are we doing to feed them or How are we feeding them?

My next blog for this weekend will be a touchy subject, which I am contemplating, will be answering those questions!

Just Feed the Sheep!!

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Stand Still

What if we stood still and looked around us and watched someone particular in what they were doing or saying to see or hear where they are at in their life?
Could you tell whether they were happy,content,sad,hurting,angry, or just given up?
Do we know what we would do if we could tell one way or the other? Are we not supposed to see through people and see where they are at? and help?!
Why do we complain about society and the way that it is and we do nothing about it? What if we started asking everyone that we have contact with on a daily basis-“what can I help you with today?”.
But let’s not forget to remember the other side of the coin!!!
If you have something that needs helping with( not just your chores)if you have a financial need,a personal need,a family need or just a talk! do not be hesitate to tell. The Lord told us, you have not because you ask not!.
Let us stand today and look! Someone needs YOU!

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