Stand Still

What if we stood still and looked around us and watched someone particular in what they were doing or saying to see or hear where they are at in their life?
Could you tell whether they were happy,content,sad,hurting,angry, or just given up?
Do we know what we would do if we could tell one way or the other? Are we not supposed to see through people and see where they are at? and help?!
Why do we complain about society and the way that it is and we do nothing about it? What if we started asking everyone that we have contact with on a daily basis-“what can I help you with today?”.
But let’s not forget to remember the other side of the coin!!!
If you have something that needs helping with( not just your chores)if you have a financial need,a personal need,a family need or just a talk! do not be hesitate to tell. The Lord told us, you have not because you ask not!.
Let us stand today and look! Someone needs YOU!


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One response to “Stand Still

  1. Joshua

    I agree completely, we have become too materialistic as a society, we need to bring our focus back to the people.

    Unfortunately though, people will not readily offer up what they need until they are ready to ask for it. Best we can do is be here and let whoever it be (friends, family, co-workers, or just the random people on the street) know that we will be here ready for them when they need us.

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