Hey christians!- Just Feed the Sheep!

I love it when God and His Word combine themselves and hit you with the simple little message, that was just sitting there all the time!!
My journey right now has been reading watchman nee and his many books. I am currently reading his life study of the Bible,Genesis, on the website-Living Stream Ministry.org. Check it out!
I am reading thru Genesis last week and he is going thru the story of Cain and Abel, When he explains the sacrifice of Cain’s produce that he had grown from the land.
Bear with me in my xplaining, but if you connect the dots it will blow you away!!
Cain’s attempt of giving his sacrifice to God, was a given. You see, if his parents(Adam,Eve) were punished to til the ground for their Sin this is exactly was what Cain was doing. The parents(Adam,Eve)were parenting their kids the best that they could! and You never have 2 kids alike!! Cain was the one that had the bad attitude let alone the bad heart! His sacrifice for God was (in his eyes) all His doing! His care for the produce was his watering,his weeding,his time, his growing? After all what else could he do?!
But wait! Able was apart of the family too and he was under the guidance of his parents, that under their forgiveness for their Sins, they have been saved. Abel came under this same conviction as his parents had believed that his sacrifice was to shed the blood of the lamb. His parents were the leaders of this faith in Abel.
Abel’s job in the family, if you didn’t know was to just feed the family’s Sheep herd!
This is all he did! That is all that was required from him!!
When Cain saw and heard that God was not pleased with his sacrifice, it was Anger that surfaced because of the sin that was in him. This Sin that was in him then led to the murdering of his brother!

His attitude of His sacrifice was  the Best! He gave  it all he could to make the best Vegetable in the whole garden!

You see, we also do the same thing, We create,We do,We make,We look the very best  that we can!  The only problem with this is, it’s not what God ask’s us to do!!

Now let’s look  at what Abel did.  He was to feed the sheep.

wait a minute.  This is all Abel did! He didn’t have to check everyday about the mundane things as Cain had to do everyday.

So Abel got up every morning and feed the Sheep and feed them at night.

and that’s all.


God’s plan is simple!

Now in this story the names are the same to not protect them!! funny! The sheep are sheep.fyi

Just a side note here.  —  But let’s fast forward to the New Testament how many times is the story or parable about a shepherd tending his Sheep!! Amazing isn’t it! He is trying to tell us something!

Back to my story, I also receive daily emails from the Watchman Nee’s website for inspiration. When  I read today’s scripture it says:

John 21:17-He said to him the third time,Simon, son of John,do you love Me?…And he said to Him,Lord, You know all things; You know that I love You. Jesus said to him, FEED MY SHEEP!!!

God is Amazing!!!

Now, If this is all that God asks of us, shouldn’t this be what we do?

If we are to just feed the sheep(we now change their name to the “lost ones”!), what are we doing to feed them or How are we feeding them?

My next blog for this weekend will be a touchy subject, which I am contemplating, will be answering those questions!

Just Feed the Sheep!!


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