What if all we did was feed the Sheep?

Do you know whee I am going with this?

I am almost scared to blog about it.

What if everyone got up Monday morning and just started to feed the sheep?

Are listenening to what I am saying?

Do you know what I mean?

Ok, this is exactly what I mean!

What if we as christians get up on monday morning and started our own mission of feeding the sheep!

I am basing this on biblical principals  of Cain and Abel, Abel was the first generation to start the sacrificial giving of just feeding the sheep. If Abel was in his daily routine of just feeding the sheep, did you notice that abel’s life was being taken care of, shelter,food and just plain life! that’s God taken care of you,just one day at a time!!!!

That is all God asks of us.

Now let me get more specific- Feeding sheep is taking care of the lost. We are to just feed them with love of God,the words of our God, and the faith of our Father to fill them with His Spirit. You see it is not up to us if the lost becomes found but Him and Him only.

Let me just add to this, this is also the outward showing of our lives  to others. It is that daily assurance that we show to others in our lives of believing that God is in control and he takes care of us,one day at a time!!

Now let me just blow your mind for the weekend to think about!!!

When I say we are to just to feed the sheep, I mean just feed the sheep.

We are to make it our daily journey of feeding on the Lord!

The reason this is just crazy is because it is just the opposite of what we are doing now!!

I challenge myself and everyone that reads this to do this within the next six weeks and and to feed the sheep. Do this trusting God from when you wake up til you go to bed to be there in everything you do and say. Be creative that day, walk your neighborhood, check out starbucks, talk to a stranger and ask them how they are reeeeaaaaallllllllyyyy doing? Tell them you will keep them in touch on a daily basis. Get their phone #, their address, their email and continue the dialogue until you know that they believe in the Lord Jesus Christ!!   This is called FEEDING THE SHEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are you doing Monday?


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