Is change in the Air?

I feel like things are a changin!!
and I am going to chaulk it up to the Holy Spirit! His Spirit is brought up in more conversations, His Spirit is felt by me and others, His Spirit is seen by Great acts in the Church, We are in the midst of His Great Awakening for HIS Kingdom. Praise the Lord.
Let me know if you agree or disagree?


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One response to “Is change in the Air?

  1. Glen S.

    i agree with you and Joel 2:28. However, i believe that it will ‘look’ like nothing we have ever seen before or it will have the appearance of the First Century church. In other words, the days of the ‘mega-church’ (a.k.a. institutional church) are coming to a close and the rising of God’s last days church is about to emerge. This new church will not meet in buildings made by men but will worship the living God as He dwells within His church (His people).

    Interesting, this is the third time in about 4 weeks that someone has spoken Joel 2:28 or the concepts that lie within that verse.

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