Oil and Water!?

Just by hearing someone saying ” it’s like oil and water” has that connatation that it is not good. After all,look at the Gulf of Mexico!!!

But let me tell you about another Oil and Water example.  It is our christian Life?!

What are you talking about you say?! Well let me explain, or try too.

Let’s try and explain it like this, If I lived in Houston,Tx and you lived in New York City and you wanted to  go from the Airport to my house by car and I told you the exact turn by turn directions and I told you to turn at a certain street with the sign in the store, or turn at the house with the green roof, or go to the intersection that has a roundabout in it, or go to the street corner that john is standing at and he will tell you the rest of the route.

You would say WHAT!!!  That is just crazy? Stupid,Wild, or just un-heard of in this world of “just Google it!”

You see it doesn’t make sense to you because———- You are not from Houston,Tx.

You are from New York City, you don’t know the city like I do. I know all the turns and shortcuts and scenic ways of the city and suburbs. You see I am from Houston,Tx and I know all that there is know about Houston,Tx!

But it is when you try to change or modify my directions that you will get yourself in trouble or lost! When you tell me that wouldn’t it be better to get on this loop around the city and then go down this street and then to this street to my destination.  And I say,No! For I know that if you did that it will cause you to take longer or that that street is closed or that street is dangerous, or that way is misleading to your journey.

You see, It is when we change or see it as easier  in our eyes the way to do something, that it gets us in to trouble.

My point to all this is -This!! If God is telling you on how to get to his house, Are you going to go by your directions or His.  You see I was talking Houstonese(I just made this word up) to you in my directions to you, because that is way that it is in houston, it is like another world from  your New York City.

Wait a minute! It is! You see God is talking about and living through His City(kingdom).

We have mixed Oil and Water and have tried for centuries to  get it make it into what God wants. That is the problem, we can not, I repeat we cannot mix humanistic ways with God’s ways!!! It is HIS KINGDOM, AND ONLY HIS KINGDOM!!!

It is through Him and His Kingdom that we live! His ways are not our ways!! Isaiah 55:8 In plain English, it is not our thoughts or knowledge of mankinds ways, it is Christ’s Holy ways that will lead us to the Kingdom! or Houston(my knowledge of houston is little, all mentions of abouve of this city is greatly exaggerated!!!!


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