Is it the hand or the Glove?

This is another take on the the hand and glove example blog.

Does it seem like the glove has come to life?
You might have to read my blog on the glove, to understand this but let’s give it a chance.
If we as christians are to be dead to ourselves, and alive to Christ, then why are we trying to be alive when we are shell for the hand, that is inside us? The glove moves only when the hand inside him moves. The glove only makes signals or motions when the hand signals or motions!
I see this in the the way that people act or react to life! I see this in the way that people talk! It is like the saying “the tail is wagging the dog!”

To say the least, it is frustrating to see this in your walk with Christ, especially when it is from the “churched”. I guess this is what Paul was up against when he was ministering to the Pharisees and Sadducees.
If we truly have died to ourselves(glove) and we are only alive because of Christ(hand), what a glorious site that would be!!


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