I am Dead!!

Just wanted to personally write my own obituary! I Douglas McCall am dead to myself!! It is only Christ that lives in me!

I pray that I am dead every day, because this is a daily proclamation that I must make!

What if We (christians) could announce this everyday to our family and friends and anyone we meet during the day. The Church would be alive and Well, wouldn’t it!!  The city’s would be full of the Church(Christ), how would our lives me different? how would the non-christians be different?

Let’s talk about the first one-  My life as a dead person- huh? sounds weird just saying it. I don’t know if I have anything to say about this because I am dead, but I can say how I would be with Christ living within my dead body!

Christ living in me! Wow, just imagine the possibilities!! MasterCard doesn’t have anything on Christ!!

Christ living in me is-the creator,the author, the saviour,the Holy one, the Almighty, the Alpha-Omega, the Holy Spirit, my friend, my father, my life! His ways are God’s ways, not mine. His attributes, His characteristics,His ways, His thoughts, His gifts, His life will now be shown thru this dead body.

This is just a Awesome thought to ponder on for a day or two,isn’t it!!

Christ in me has some exciting things in store for everyone around me! So look OUT!!

Now for the second thing, what will the gentiles,alas the non- christians see and hear different?

First of all, I will not be around!!! You see once I have removed my self from the equation the answer is staring us right in the face! Jesus!!  He has been there all the time, waiting for us to dead to ourselves and for Him to be the Center of Life!!

Seeing Christ in someone, has and always will have an effect on someone.  The comotion that Christ had just traveling the city’s and countryside without any fanfare and agenda, was cause enough to stir things up. But His message that was being witnessed by his followers and curiosity crowds was the effect of His Life that was shown by living by what His Father shown Him.

If and When we as Christians can proclaim, That we are also Dead, The CHURCH will truly be here!!  Don’t know about you, but I can not wait!!

email me to tell me that you are also DEAD today!! one day at a time,folks!


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