The flashlight and the battery

Are you always looking for a flashlight when it is dark? I am always needing a flashlight when things are dimly lit at my house or I just can’t see something small.  Here is my question for you today- Instead of asking for a flashlight for your light, why not ask for the battery instead!!

You see the flashlight is just a shell of a instrument to be used to show light, but if I was to ask for the battery inside instead I would have the power to do anything!!

This is exactly what the church is doing today, we asking for the different instruments of the church to do” GOD’s Work” and we are confused on how to use all those different ministry’s,programs, and church led things that IF we were to just ask for the POWER(battery) that those gifts  would come to light(pun intended).

It is the battery inside us that makes us a flashlight! It is all about the power of Christ that gives us our unique being. When we quit describing ourselves as a flashlight to other people, and let the battery do our talking for us. This will be when the “church will rise and be heard around the world!”

Here is my challege for everyone today, as a reminder of who has the power, carry around a small battery with you in your pocket or in your purse! Let this be a daily reminder to you that it is Christ in You that is what God has designed you for!!!


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  1. Glen S.

    Good reminder. i am working on a series of ‘blogs’ with the title of “What is the Church?” i will probably send a Word doc with the same writings to those who are on my weekday, Bible verse and quote, email list.

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