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Are you still a egg?

I haven’t made a cake before but – have watched my wife make one.
I do know some of the ingredients that go into the making of the cake,tho.
Batter,oil,water and a egg. This is according to Betty Crocker. Mixing all these things together make the cake. Now when my wife mixes this up and put’s into a cake pan, I do not call it a batter mix,oil,water,or a egg. I call it a cake! You see it is acting like a cake, it is now a different color, a different texture, and it tastes different,(I know,cause I licked the bowl!) It didn’t taste like a egg or water or oil or a dry batter!  It was good!
My point is this– I was a sinner,Christ died for me on the cross,I am a changed person,I have the holy spirit with me because I am in him! Praise the lord! Then why am I still thinking,doing and being a egg? Christ has mixed with me and I am in him.

What if we believed that we were the cake!  (By the way, it would be chocolate!!)


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