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Weird title,huh?

We will get to it in a little bit.

Have you ever done anything for 24 hrs straight?  I have racked my brain for something and the only things I can thick of is maybe 16 hrs of work or watching football on new years day for 16 hours, but not for 24 hrs straight!

Maybe the problem is pretty easy to understand tho. We are thinking of something humanly as doing something for 24 hrs?  I would suffice to say that our bodies are not made to continuely do something for 24 hrs staight!

Our humaness  is then what prevents us from accomplishing this feat! Keep this in mind for other things that we do,too. But let us bring in another side to ourselves and that is our minds,or spirit.

Could we do something for 24 hrs in the spirit?  I am afraid we have failed miserable even on this level, more than our humanness!  We can not even pray for 1 hour, go to church for 1 hour, or just sit and listen to Him!! It’s a shame!

What if we could devote 24 hours straight to anything? Sleep, Work, talking,listening, tv, friends, or whatever?

What we do in that 24 hrs would make us good at whatever we are doing,don’t you agree!

I suggest on your next day off to try and do something for as long as you can, and test yourself?Now when you do this thing, you might notice something in your trial, you are not doing anything else but what you are doing for that test. In another words, your focus is just one thing and one thing only!!! You live and breath that one thing, nothing else matters. It is your life, your being, your everything!!

Anybody know what manna is?  That’s alright, nobody else does either!!

All we know is that it is heavenly food. And it is sufficient!

Huh? Remember the children of Israel and their travels to the wilderness? God gave the children their nourishment in the manna,because the living on just the springs of water just wasn’t enough.  Now if you notice something about the Israelites and their needs, their request for food was for more of a sustaining food other than just the water.  God heard their murmuring and gave them wanted and more! You see He could of gave them cows,sheep,goats,elephants,tigers and bears to eat and quenched their  physical hunger. But God gave them heavenly food that not only filled the stomach but full of God!!  This was God’s way of showing them that they could be filled with Him alone, and be quenched! Now, here is the ultimate key!!!

God does this for us every Day(24 hrs)!! We have to accept this manna every day for 24 hrs straight! This is the Dr’s Orders(God), This is what we must do to live or it is death!!  This takes on a whole new meaning now doesn’t it!!

This was a example to the Israelites that if we were filled with manna(God) that there would be no humanness in our lives!! This is a Great testimony to learn!


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I know many of you have seen the stickers on cars or the t-shirts of the company N.O.T.W.–Not of this world.  I have the sticker on my car, and I also have a t-shirt bearing the name.  But I wander if we really understand the true meaning of the phrase?

You see, we may say it, but to how far do we carry it if we believe it?

When Jesus said it to Pilate- “My Kingdom is not of this world” What did he really mean?

Here lies my questions as I ask myself if I believe in it 100%,

How does this effect my life in a human way?

Am I living in a humanistic world in a spiritual way or Living Spiritually in a human world? (This is a Big question for all of us!)

Do I commit my life 100% to God’s business or do work?

Do totally forsake everything in human world to just be Christ!?(talk about swimming upstream!)

I could go on with more questions but I think you get the picture.

My journey with Christ this  last few years has been an exciting ride,I would not get off for nothing, but the biggest hill is insight, with the biggest drop, with the biggest leap of faith coming. I am praying that I can make it!!

You see, Am I or Am I not of this World?

Can you answer the question? Let me know, if you can and How?

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x-ray vision,a world and the bible

What a title?!

Let’s start with the first one. Now i am not saying that I have x-ray vision per se, but I think I do in a way.  I think that some of you out there do too, just don’t realize it. You see x-ray vision is the ability to  see below the surface of something. I can’t see bones, so don’t worry!  But I have been on a journey with Christ the last few years that has me seeing alot of differents things in the bible and what Christ is all about. I have seen below the surface!!

My journey has led me to travel deeper into the bible and to not look at the skin of the bible stories but the people and who they represented to Christ,characteristics of the people which also represented Christ,and lastly God’s people which represents his church.

I have been on amazing,joyous, and giddy journey. I have been on a thrill ride that I sometimes have been beside my self. They statement could bring up a interesting question about me for the people who know me. So let me tackle that with a detour here.

My solo journey has been solo!! I have walked this path this past few years with just me, the bible, prayer,books and God!! It has not been through the regular path of the christian of going to church every sunday, listen to sermon from a pastor, going to sunday school teacher, going to choir, going to wed nite prayer meeting or having that special small group on thursday nite to help me make it through the week!! I am sorry that it didn’t happen that way but I want to know something, did you notice that I had to go everywhere to find God!!!

This is first just insane that God would make us go somewhere to find Him! Second,we don’t need Him as a worldly savior, We need him as a Spiritual Saviour! You see I have bonded with Him in the Spiritual World!

My solo trip which is the issue with people is because I have not had fellowship with them?! My fellowship is and always will be with God,Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.  You see it is sole obligation to be God’s people, God’s people will come together as many and create the Church that God has been designed for his Head to rest his body! God has always be trying to find a place of rest. It is until the Church is the Church that this will finally happen

Now, back to the original text, The World.

Is it just me or we christians trying to live in a bubble and be a Saint at the same time!

I have looked in the bible a few times and I can’t find it anywhere that we are supposed to live in this world as a Saint and to be a shining example to everyone.  We are never led to believe this in Jesus’s walk on earth and his 3 years on earth.  His every action and word from his mouth reiterated everything from his Father. He was looking for His Father’s Glory, not man’s meek glory!

I find it ironic in the story of Moses’s leadership journey of taking the people of Israel out of Egypt that with God bringing the 10 plaques to pharoah and the people of Egypt that this was also showing the people of God(Israel) what the world was all about! Egypt’s people were depending on things of the air,water,land and of animals for their existence.  This was the example that God was telling His people that we were to leave them behind and be free from that world!! You see the next step that the children of Israel had to take was only to travel 3 days in the wilderness? Why should we leave this life(world)and then go to the wilderness, doesn’t make sense does it? But it does if you think about it. You see when you leave a bad place,doesn’t mean that we won’t have any memories or inclinations about it to go back. We have to Die to it! This is what the wilderness is, dieing to ourselves and then crossing over to the promised land of the Israelite.  Isn’t that ironic that we missed seeing that in the bible!

God has always a interesting take on our daily journey!!

The Bible

You might or might not understand why the bible is mixed in with this group, but let me tell you how it is.

God designed us to fellowship with Him and Him alone.  God original plan was for His people to choose Him as  Life! Not man as himself. You see what we have done by ourselves.  It is not until we us our x-ray vision and deep under the surface of God’s word, that we were not intended for this world! But for His! He is in that other World——————-Life!

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Cont: What if adam didn’t sin?

It’s adams turn. To continue from yesterday,We can surmize that adam too, did exactly the opposite of what he was supposed to do and Pick the Tree of Life.

His first punishment was that the ground was to be cursed. This may not sound that much to you but you have to realize that God’s intention for man was to have everything prepared for them to enjoy life,because God was taking care of them in the garden of eden. But now adam was in charge of all the daily chores of eating,shelter and eating. If the ground is now cursed, Adam is already behind the eight ball.

Adam’s selection of his cusinart has just be slimmed by God, his selection of food in the fields has gone down with this punishment. There will be pain in the fields from seeding to the harvest. God’s desire for adam and eve were to have the best of the garden of eden. His sin has now caused him to work and toil out of the original garden, and create man’s own garden from scratch! This can’t be good!! Man is made to fend for himself and to settle for what he can produce. and he is also cursed. and to really make his day, he will die!!!

So if we look at adam’s situation and look at from the opposite side, you notice that the most critical aspect of this whole thing is that Adam and Eve were banished from the garden!  Now how would you feel if I worked all day on your new home with all the amenities of the world,and you disobey my commands when you come in the door.

God had designed the garden of eden where adam did not have to do or be anything, just live.  But yet he thought he could do better!  How do you get better than the first paradise?

If we see the pattern here with Adam and Eve and their punishments is that God’s design for mankind was to be with God.Period.  Then what we need to do is get back to God’s intention of the Garden!! We are to have close and intimate fellowship with God our designer and creator of our HOME!!


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What if Adam didn’t Sin?

Has this question ever creeped out of your brain? I think  alot of people have!

Have you wondered what it would be like if he hadn’t? Guess what! God tells us what it would be like, it is right in front of us in the  bible, in Genesis 3:15-19.

Read these verses before going on!

I know it doesn’t say a thing about what it would be like!!

But the answer is still there!! Let me explain!

Have you ever been punished?! I Know, stupid question! But here is the answer. If you are being punished for something, it was because you were doing the opposite of what you were supposed to be doing!! Right! So if this what the norm is, then this is what adam and eve were being punished for. God punished them in the way that would be the opposite of what he had designed their life for!!

Now let’s check out how God punished Eve?  First he punished Eve by having pain while in labor bringing in new life! Now this may not seem to relevant to some of us men, but let us just think about this in a different way. If God is the giver of Life, why would His intentions be that the woman be in pain.   So He meant giving birth would be a joyous,happy, natural thing. Pain Free expierence!

Now this next thing may be a little confusing to understand but you have to follow. But God says in verse 16 that eve will be for(ESV) your husband. Now this be explained in 2 different ways. In this translation it sounds like eve will be under her husbands command, this was her punishment that she would be under Adam’s control.  Look at this through you physical eyes, you see they are now in the physical realm. They chose this life and all it’s consequences. She/woman has struggled with this concept for centuries! You see the opposite would of been life of the Spiritual Realm!! But back to the eve’s predicament, the word for in hebrew means”‘against” ,this refers to eve is trying to be independent of Adam. She was her own woman!! Isn’t this exactly what is going on in the world today? Now don’t think that I am referring to the woman’s movement, I am referring to the spiritual realm of Eve/woman/church is trying to be independent of God. This was not the way that God designed his World!! He wanted His Church to be dependent on Adam/God!

This was God’s design that Woman was free from pain in giving life and to be dependent on God!

Tomorrow is Adams turn!!

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