What if Adam didn’t Sin?

Has this question ever creeped out of your brain? I think  alot of people have!

Have you wondered what it would be like if he hadn’t? Guess what! God tells us what it would be like, it is right in front of us in the  bible, in Genesis 3:15-19.

Read these verses before going on!

I know it doesn’t say a thing about what it would be like!!

But the answer is still there!! Let me explain!

Have you ever been punished?! I Know, stupid question! But here is the answer. If you are being punished for something, it was because you were doing the opposite of what you were supposed to be doing!! Right! So if this what the norm is, then this is what adam and eve were being punished for. God punished them in the way that would be the opposite of what he had designed their life for!!

Now let’s check out how God punished Eve?  First he punished Eve by having pain while in labor bringing in new life! Now this may not seem to relevant to some of us men, but let us just think about this in a different way. If God is the giver of Life, why would His intentions be that the woman be in pain.   So He meant giving birth would be a joyous,happy, natural thing. Pain Free expierence!

Now this next thing may be a little confusing to understand but you have to follow. But God says in verse 16 that eve will be for(ESV) your husband. Now this be explained in 2 different ways. In this translation it sounds like eve will be under her husbands command, this was her punishment that she would be under Adam’s control.  Look at this through you physical eyes, you see they are now in the physical realm. They chose this life and all it’s consequences. She/woman has struggled with this concept for centuries! You see the opposite would of been life of the Spiritual Realm!! But back to the eve’s predicament, the word for in hebrew means”‘against” ,this refers to eve is trying to be independent of Adam. She was her own woman!! Isn’t this exactly what is going on in the world today? Now don’t think that I am referring to the woman’s movement, I am referring to the spiritual realm of Eve/woman/church is trying to be independent of God. This was not the way that God designed his World!! He wanted His Church to be dependent on Adam/God!

This was God’s design that Woman was free from pain in giving life and to be dependent on God!

Tomorrow is Adams turn!!


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