Cont: What if adam didn’t sin?

It’s adams turn. To continue from yesterday,We can surmize that adam too, did exactly the opposite of what he was supposed to do and Pick the Tree of Life.

His first punishment was that the ground was to be cursed. This may not sound that much to you but you have to realize that God’s intention for man was to have everything prepared for them to enjoy life,because God was taking care of them in the garden of eden. But now adam was in charge of all the daily chores of eating,shelter and eating. If the ground is now cursed, Adam is already behind the eight ball.

Adam’s selection of his cusinart has just be slimmed by God, his selection of food in the fields has gone down with this punishment. There will be pain in the fields from seeding to the harvest. God’s desire for adam and eve were to have the best of the garden of eden. His sin has now caused him to work and toil out of the original garden, and create man’s own garden from scratch! This can’t be good!! Man is made to fend for himself and to settle for what he can produce. and he is also cursed. and to really make his day, he will die!!!

So if we look at adam’s situation and look at from the opposite side, you notice that the most critical aspect of this whole thing is that Adam and Eve were banished from the garden!  Now how would you feel if I worked all day on your new home with all the amenities of the world,and you disobey my commands when you come in the door.

God had designed the garden of eden where adam did not have to do or be anything, just live.  But yet he thought he could do better!  How do you get better than the first paradise?

If we see the pattern here with Adam and Eve and their punishments is that God’s design for mankind was to be with God.Period.  Then what we need to do is get back to God’s intention of the Garden!! We are to have close and intimate fellowship with God our designer and creator of our HOME!!



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