x-ray vision,a world and the bible

What a title?!

Let’s start with the first one. Now i am not saying that I have x-ray vision per se, but I think I do in a way.  I think that some of you out there do too, just don’t realize it. You see x-ray vision is the ability to  see below the surface of something. I can’t see bones, so don’t worry!  But I have been on a journey with Christ the last few years that has me seeing alot of differents things in the bible and what Christ is all about. I have seen below the surface!!

My journey has led me to travel deeper into the bible and to not look at the skin of the bible stories but the people and who they represented to Christ,characteristics of the people which also represented Christ,and lastly God’s people which represents his church.

I have been on amazing,joyous, and giddy journey. I have been on a thrill ride that I sometimes have been beside my self. They statement could bring up a interesting question about me for the people who know me. So let me tackle that with a detour here.

My solo journey has been solo!! I have walked this path this past few years with just me, the bible, prayer,books and God!! It has not been through the regular path of the christian of going to church every sunday, listen to sermon from a pastor, going to sunday school teacher, going to choir, going to wed nite prayer meeting or having that special small group on thursday nite to help me make it through the week!! I am sorry that it didn’t happen that way but I want to know something, did you notice that I had to go everywhere to find God!!!

This is first just insane that God would make us go somewhere to find Him! Second,we don’t need Him as a worldly savior, We need him as a Spiritual Saviour! You see I have bonded with Him in the Spiritual World!

My solo trip which is the issue with people is because I have not had fellowship with them?! My fellowship is and always will be with God,Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.  You see it is sole obligation to be God’s people, God’s people will come together as many and create the Church that God has been designed for his Head to rest his body! God has always be trying to find a place of rest. It is until the Church is the Church that this will finally happen

Now, back to the original text, The World.

Is it just me or we christians trying to live in a bubble and be a Saint at the same time!

I have looked in the bible a few times and I can’t find it anywhere that we are supposed to live in this world as a Saint and to be a shining example to everyone.  We are never led to believe this in Jesus’s walk on earth and his 3 years on earth.  His every action and word from his mouth reiterated everything from his Father. He was looking for His Father’s Glory, not man’s meek glory!

I find it ironic in the story of Moses’s leadership journey of taking the people of Israel out of Egypt that with God bringing the 10 plaques to pharoah and the people of Egypt that this was also showing the people of God(Israel) what the world was all about! Egypt’s people were depending on things of the air,water,land and of animals for their existence.  This was the example that God was telling His people that we were to leave them behind and be free from that world!! You see the next step that the children of Israel had to take was only to travel 3 days in the wilderness? Why should we leave this life(world)and then go to the wilderness, doesn’t make sense does it? But it does if you think about it. You see when you leave a bad place,doesn’t mean that we won’t have any memories or inclinations about it to go back. We have to Die to it! This is what the wilderness is, dieing to ourselves and then crossing over to the promised land of the Israelite.  Isn’t that ironic that we missed seeing that in the bible!

God has always a interesting take on our daily journey!!

The Bible

You might or might not understand why the bible is mixed in with this group, but let me tell you how it is.

God designed us to fellowship with Him and Him alone.  God original plan was for His people to choose Him as  Life! Not man as himself. You see what we have done by ourselves.  It is not until we us our x-ray vision and deep under the surface of God’s word, that we were not intended for this world! But for His! He is in that other World——————-Life!


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