I know many of you have seen the stickers on cars or the t-shirts of the company N.O.T.W.–Not of this world.  I have the sticker on my car, and I also have a t-shirt bearing the name.  But I wander if we really understand the true meaning of the phrase?

You see, we may say it, but to how far do we carry it if we believe it?

When Jesus said it to Pilate- “My Kingdom is not of this world” What did he really mean?

Here lies my questions as I ask myself if I believe in it 100%,

How does this effect my life in a human way?

Am I living in a humanistic world in a spiritual way or Living Spiritually in a human world? (This is a Big question for all of us!)

Do I commit my life 100% to God’s business or do work?

Do totally forsake everything in human world to just be Christ!?(talk about swimming upstream!)

I could go on with more questions but I think you get the picture.

My journey with Christ this  last few years has been an exciting ride,I would not get off for nothing, but the biggest hill is insight, with the biggest drop, with the biggest leap of faith coming. I am praying that I can make it!!

You see, Am I or Am I not of this World?

Can you answer the question? Let me know, if you can and How?


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