Weird title,huh?

We will get to it in a little bit.

Have you ever done anything for 24 hrs straight?  I have racked my brain for something and the only things I can thick of is maybe 16 hrs of work or watching football on new years day for 16 hours, but not for 24 hrs straight!

Maybe the problem is pretty easy to understand tho. We are thinking of something humanly as doing something for 24 hrs?  I would suffice to say that our bodies are not made to continuely do something for 24 hrs staight!

Our humaness  is then what prevents us from accomplishing this feat! Keep this in mind for other things that we do,too. But let us bring in another side to ourselves and that is our minds,or spirit.

Could we do something for 24 hrs in the spirit?  I am afraid we have failed miserable even on this level, more than our humanness!  We can not even pray for 1 hour, go to church for 1 hour, or just sit and listen to Him!! It’s a shame!

What if we could devote 24 hours straight to anything? Sleep, Work, talking,listening, tv, friends, or whatever?

What we do in that 24 hrs would make us good at whatever we are doing,don’t you agree!

I suggest on your next day off to try and do something for as long as you can, and test yourself?Now when you do this thing, you might notice something in your trial, you are not doing anything else but what you are doing for that test. In another words, your focus is just one thing and one thing only!!! You live and breath that one thing, nothing else matters. It is your life, your being, your everything!!

Anybody know what manna is?  That’s alright, nobody else does either!!

All we know is that it is heavenly food. And it is sufficient!

Huh? Remember the children of Israel and their travels to the wilderness? God gave the children their nourishment in the manna,because the living on just the springs of water just wasn’t enough.  Now if you notice something about the Israelites and their needs, their request for food was for more of a sustaining food other than just the water.  God heard their murmuring and gave them wanted and more! You see He could of gave them cows,sheep,goats,elephants,tigers and bears to eat and quenched their  physical hunger. But God gave them heavenly food that not only filled the stomach but full of God!!  This was God’s way of showing them that they could be filled with Him alone, and be quenched! Now, here is the ultimate key!!!

God does this for us every Day(24 hrs)!! We have to accept this manna every day for 24 hrs straight! This is the Dr’s Orders(God), This is what we must do to live or it is death!!  This takes on a whole new meaning now doesn’t it!!

This was a example to the Israelites that if we were filled with manna(God) that there would be no humanness in our lives!! This is a Great testimony to learn!


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