Kingdom of God

What is it?

Where is it?

When does it start?

Who is the King?

Why is their a Kingdom?

I am going to tackle these questions in my blogs for awhile. It should be fun and enlightning!       join me, in a great journey!!

First, let us discuss the reason “Why is there a Kingdom?”

Now let me preface this study is that this is coming from the Christ believing person.

The bible tells about a Kingdom from Exodus to Revelation! Now you might ask the question right here : What comes first the King or the Kingdom?

My belief is that the King came first, because he says” I am that I am”!! So if we start with that then we then can go to the next step, the kingdom. After all what kind of king doesn’t  have a kingdom to rule?

God wanted to fellowship with someone of His own kind! Did you ever think about like that? After all isn’t this what we do when we are in LOVE! We stay around the person that we are admiring or that we have a desire to be with! God is particular!! NO!! Yes, you see God created us in his Own Image, but we disappointed him in the Fall. So Now He is bringing us back to His image.

This is process that we are in now, I believe that we as His people are at the stage of making the journey of coming out of Egypt just like the Isrealites did in the exodus.

Let me speak to this briefly, I do not know where you are in your believing but when you are on a journey such as I have been on and you look,search,ask,pray and read as I have, you see! I have been shedding the scales on my spiritual eyes,(you notice that I am shedding, not have shed,meaning that I have not shed all of them off. I have a long ways to go). My eyes are seeing that other believers are seeing Christ as the real CHURCH! People that I am in contact with in a smaller group than the whole world that I am also in contact with is the W.W.W.. With the unseen people and words that come across this medium has brought me to the conclusion that maybe this is what God is meaning for us to be!? You might question this thought, but let me explain. You see if we were to believe in the unseen, or the non-understanding of the world of the internet, as opposed to the seen world and our believe that we have to do something or be something of the seen world!  We might be more intune with HIM. My experiences through this world of the blogging,video’s, the testimonies, the true feelings of people has brought about the REAL CHURCH!

Now, back to the Kingdom, The Israelites coming out of Egypt represents us dieing to humanness, as like when Christ died on the cross.  I believe that I am beginning to see people shed their “Adam” and become the bride that He is seeking.

This kingdom,  his people,  the Church, or His Bride, is what this is all about.

Christ wants us to be apart of His Kingdom,His people,His Church and His Bride.

Let me make a note here that might come with some issues. The Big Question is how we grow as a Kingdom? We will tackle that later.


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