The Shadow

This title sounds like a comic book hero,doesn’t it!

Sorry, but it is not.

I am talking about something totally different, it is a shadow of someone.

Have you seen those black and white silhouettes of a person?  They could of been of anybody famous or it could of been of you that you made yourself!

To make a silhouette of yourself you have bright light shown on your profile, and picture is drawn on a piece of paper of your outline of your face or your entire body. This is only done as black and white picture.

This silhouette of you is actually the shadow of your being.  It is the same as the shadow that you see on the sidewalk as you are standing there in the daylight. Now this Shadow is not actually you per se, but it is actually a representation of you. If I know you,from experience and daily interaction with you, I can just look at that silhouette and tell it is you. You see when you are standing there in the sunlight, that shadow starts at your head and goes down to your feet, thus connecting it to you! also when you move, the shadow moves!

Christ has a Shadow, did you know that!!

You see, the old testament is the shadow of Christ!  I bet you never looked at the old testament like this before. But read the OT next time and see if you can see Christ in this silhouette!  You see, you won’t find it in the black and white letters of the old testament, you have to stand back and look at the whole silhouette! Can you see Christ’s attributes, His Love, His Mercy, His Grace,His Church, His Redemption, and His Recovery.

Everything that is written about in the OT is a representation of Christ!!

God is Awesome! He did not just abandon us after we chose the tree of knowledge, He still was showing us a picture of the Tree of Life even after we took a different path! WOW!

Since we did take that different path, Christ is still showing Himself to Us! Reading the OT, read it like Christ is showing himself to you through the  a silhouette or His shadow!!



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