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The World is Flat!!

Betcha didn’t know that!!

That kinda news right now in this day you would’ve just scoffed at. But let’s just rethink this!

When Christopher Columbus came back from his journey to America, His proclamation that the world was round, was just as ludicrous as me saying that the world is flat!!  Their understanding that the world was round was met with alot of criticism and ridicule and just all out heresy by everyone. After all what did they know? Had anyone said that anyone had actually seen some ship sail away and just fall down from the ocean.( this reasoning if you think about was just as crazy as thinking that the world was round?) The thought here is that the three ships along with Columbus had experienced the trip themselves and knew that the world was not flat, but round. They had actually came across a different world(country).

Our understanding then should be of experience not of hearsay! We continue to just believe in our everyday hearsay and unsubstantiated ways of God, then we are just like those people of our history that did not believe that the world  was round!!

God has laid out a mighty and wonderful eternal experience for us to have!! We have got to experience this in not our humanness but in our faith, and believe of God in our spiritualness. This next statement may controversial but I am leaning this way of knowing. We as Christians have been led to believe that we are to be spiritual in this human life, Where I believe that God’s intention of us was to spiritually be in Him as Christ is in us. I have not seen anything yet in the bible that describes our behavior as a SPIRITUAL BEING and interacting with others?!  But it is that we are to commune with God!

This has led me to my point, We have been mis lead of the thinking of the “CHURCH”.

I have found this out through three different ways. I have been a adventure with God for awhile now and these three things have led me to the same place. My first experience for this was going back in history to understand the background of Church. I have read the historical happenings of the church with the parallel of the scriptures of the New Testament. You can actually see the fork in the road where the Christians of early church went the way of the building(Constantine and the legalization of Christianity and the building of tabernacle’s) and the example of Paul’s description of the Church in Act’s.

The second experience of this has been my journey of living in the church for 50 years. My conundrum was that if this was what Christ meant  the church to look and act like, I didn’t understand it, it was not working!!  You can take this for what it’s worth, but this is where us as Christians must also look back at own life in the church and other’s life’s and see if would be what Christ set the church to be. I will let your mind ponder on this for awhile. (This is an example of our humanness getting in our way of being of another nature; Spiritualness, I hesitate to say “Christ like” because we tend to misunderstand it. We should look at the “Christ like” living as the resurrected Christ, not the Christ that was walking on the Earth. He came to earth to rescue us from this Humanness to be that which is in and of Him!

The third experience has been the most exciting one! I have read a bookcase of books through this journey and have found something that has not explained the bible to me, but has painted a picture for me on what God’s plan for us is! You see it wasn’t just the words of the book or the new ideas or concepts that changed me it was the “intention of Painter” that has led me through the understanding of His Word!

Now I know that this may sound crazy about my journey and what I have said, But I positively, without question,without doubt can say that ” I EXPERIENCED IT”

I wish I could tell you specifically on how you could do this but it is not up to me to tell or show you. It is in Christ that He will show,tell, and lead you on your journey!

I pray that you will go and have the “EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME” , I know I have!!


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The word nature can mean alot of different things to us. One, nature is the beauty of the world surrounding us on a beautiful day outside. But I want to talk about a different one.

We, as Christians know of a different kind of nature. You see, their are two different natures in this world. Human and Holy. We from the beginning of time have only known the human nature because of Adam’s fall from Grace.  We have only been in this “nature” for what must seem like forever!

It was not until Jesus Christ was born,died,resurrected and filled His Glory that anyone could be filled of another “nature”.  Christ created this nature  to be for us! He actually wanted this nature to be in us from day one,with Adam and Eve.  Christ’s plan was to create a home for Him and His people to be into Him, and Him into His people. (WOW, God really has a awesome plan,but yet we fail to see it?!) I am beginning to see this plan of God in His people as the days go by, but to me it is going to slow for me!! I am filled with anticipation of the day that the sky’s are filled with thunder of His people lifting of His Name to the Heavens because they are filled with His Nature.  Let me take this to the next level, I believe that I understand the concept of this, but I may not know what it actually looks like?( Sounds confusing, I know!) Christ took all of us to the Cross with HIM, and He DIED. So if He Died, we must of Died too. Now let explain a little further, It could of been that our bodies died in a sense of a physical death, but along our physical body died, our human nature died also. Christians, I believe that we believe that it was just our human body that died, because they are still living with the human nature guiding them in their lives. But It was also the fact that our human nature was changed in Him to the Holy Nature. If we believe in Christ,we believe in all that He is. He is a Holy Nature.

My understanding of this paradigm is only that I believe in it. Christ’s nature in me. Period! I don’t know how this is created in anyone else but me, I have been on a journey with Christ for a few years. It could be the same for you or totally different. I have had a quandary  in my thinking on this, is it my role to push this on everyone that I meet or what. I have come across a verse that might answer my question. 2 Corinthians 3:6 (ESV) Who has made us competent to be ministers of a new covenant, not of the letter but of the Spirit. For the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.

It is not I that gives life, (in our human nature) it is the Holy Nature in me that gives Life!!!!!

Amen,Praise the Lord, God is Awesome, Holy is His Name, His Spirit is in ME!!

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Back to the Beginning

How do you get back something that you lost? You go back to where you lost it!!

Do you realize that this is What God wants us to do!!  We lost His Nature in the Garden of Eden. We need to retake His nature, burn our nature, create ashes of that old sinful nature.

This is what has happened in that beginning of time moment, we as people have taken God’s nature and substituted it with ours. We are so High on ourselves aren’t we!

This has been God’s journey in this amazing love story of His. He gave us a choice of wills, and we chose wrong, He punished us, then started to shepperd  us back to Him. We have been on a long journey in our eyes to Him but it has only been a few days to Him!  His Picture of His people; His Home has been over two centuries in the making. In people years this has been along time for us to get it right.

God’s intention, the Garden of Eden, was God’s Home!! You see, this was God’s drawing (picture) of how it was to look like.  Let me explain. God created everything for us to sustain us in this place of the Garden of Eden. First, let’s get something to set us in a different place. Garden of Eden represents a picture of Christ!! What are you talking about? Do you realize that Christ being of God,the Trinity, was in need of a place of rest,fellowship, and food?

He created Man for  this purpose! Man was His resting place, His Home, His Glory! As man we did not welcome Him at our front door that day. What a shame! We as human bodies with a spirit of it’s own, has tried for a few centuries to  not let anyone into our house. God’s nature is what it is all about. We rejected His Nature. His Being. His Authority.

I for one have taken the daily walk with Him and have rejected my human nature, to welcome His Nature! I have experienced a new and exciting home in my being that has just overwhelmed me!!

I challenge you to sacrifice your nature every morning and take back God’s Nature and Be His Resting Place!!


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Meet me at the Rock

I have alway used pictures as a way of telling stories as examples for myself. One of them, has been the disciples and other followers just meeting around a 6 ft rock and just talking about the day or about what Jesus was doing in the surrounding area. I would love to do this in Doug’s picture. If anyone would like to just sit or stand someplace and talk anywhere about the day or what Christ is doing, Let me know and we can. Coffee is good,too.

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My Rumbling

Some people have asked me “Why the sudden change of attitude and appearance?”

My background as some of you know is coming from a pastor’s kid, I know, the trouble maker kid!! But no, I was a angel!!  Anyway, you know how it is in every family you are taught and you just believe and do. I have grown up in many churches with my parents changing churches and my moving here and there to witness many church settings and situations. Just like maybe you have. I have been on boards,committees, councils and many of sponsers time. So I have seen the church from inside out.

My journey began when I started to question to myself why the church was doing this and doing that, or why wasn’t we doing this instead? If we are the christians that we say we are, why weren’t we doing this?  I started to watch the church for over a 2 years and did not like what I saw! I finally asked myself “Is this what God intended His Church to be?”  You see, The church has been doing this for over 1700 years and it should’t look like this!! We should be doing something right, but it doesn’t look like it, according to me, at least.

I started to look into the history of the church, I love history anyway so I started there. I have read a few historical books, then to the beginning of the church in the new testament and noticed something. 1+1 didn’t equal 2. The beginning church does not look anything like the church of today!  History tells us alot of things that went wrong including some well intention christians and Kings. This is not what we should dwell on, but to only realize that we did make a wrong turn in being the “Church” that we should be!!

From this step I dug into the church of the new testament  beginning with Acts. I have since journeyed my way through all the epistles and those many conflicts of the churches of Asia.  My journey from here took a twist that has changed my life and my persective of the Church!

In my journey to find the real Church, I found the notion  that the Church began at Home. Organic church, Home church, House church, Simple church. All these terms have been used to represent the Church as opposed to the “institutional Church” as we have now. My journey here has lasted over 2 years in this way of being away from the I.C. .  This trip has since led me to realization that what the Church is not where it is but “Who it is”.

It is me. It is I. It is Christ in me!! You see I was created to be a “High Priest”. The High Priest in the old testament was the only one that was allowed to commune with God in the Holy of Holies. Now God realized that He was going to have everyone in the Holy of Holies. and Everyone was going to be commune with God!! Don’t know about you but this makes me just want to stand up and shout and praise HIs  Name!!

Now if you noticed something in what I said in this last paragraph, the High Priest had to be in the Holy of Holies to commune with the Lord. (just a side note here. We need to read the bible not for the stories or the just the words, but for the pictures and types of Christ that it paints for us, dig deep in your study of the bible, not just for our entertainment) We need to be in certain place with God to commune with God. No! I did not say we need to be in an building on this day, or this hour with these people. We need to be of one accord,One Spirit, One with Him, however you want to say it but we need to be in our Spirit with Him. His Spirit will be with US when we reach the Holy of Holies.

Now, I am just beginning to understand this concept of God, and I can’t wait for the next step that I take in this wonderful journey. My journey has led me to understand that I must cover myself of my humanness. I don’t know where this is going to lead me, but I am willing to take the challenge. Please pray for me in this walk!

A challenge to everyone, re-read Genesis and Exodus and read it as a type of Christ or a Picture of Christ and let me know what you see!!  just a hint: Genesis is Christ; Exodus is the Church. It will blow you away!! Good Reading!

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