Back to the Beginning

How do you get back something that you lost? You go back to where you lost it!!

Do you realize that this is What God wants us to do!!  We lost His Nature in the Garden of Eden. We need to retake His nature, burn our nature, create ashes of that old sinful nature.

This is what has happened in that beginning of time moment, we as people have taken God’s nature and substituted it with ours. We are so High on ourselves aren’t we!

This has been God’s journey in this amazing love story of His. He gave us a choice of wills, and we chose wrong, He punished us, then started to shepperd  us back to Him. We have been on a long journey in our eyes to Him but it has only been a few days to Him!  His Picture of His people; His Home has been over two centuries in the making. In people years this has been along time for us to get it right.

God’s intention, the Garden of Eden, was God’s Home!! You see, this was God’s drawing (picture) of how it was to look like.  Let me explain. God created everything for us to sustain us in this place of the Garden of Eden. First, let’s get something to set us in a different place. Garden of Eden represents a picture of Christ!! What are you talking about? Do you realize that Christ being of God,the Trinity, was in need of a place of rest,fellowship, and food?

He created Man for  this purpose! Man was His resting place, His Home, His Glory! As man we did not welcome Him at our front door that day. What a shame! We as human bodies with a spirit of it’s own, has tried for a few centuries to  not let anyone into our house. God’s nature is what it is all about. We rejected His Nature. His Being. His Authority.

I for one have taken the daily walk with Him and have rejected my human nature, to welcome His Nature! I have experienced a new and exciting home in my being that has just overwhelmed me!!

I challenge you to sacrifice your nature every morning and take back God’s Nature and Be His Resting Place!!



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