The word nature can mean alot of different things to us. One, nature is the beauty of the world surrounding us on a beautiful day outside. But I want to talk about a different one.

We, as Christians know of a different kind of nature. You see, their are two different natures in this world. Human and Holy. We from the beginning of time have only known the human nature because of Adam’s fall from Grace.  We have only been in this “nature” for what must seem like forever!

It was not until Jesus Christ was born,died,resurrected and filled His Glory that anyone could be filled of another “nature”.  Christ created this nature  to be for us! He actually wanted this nature to be in us from day one,with Adam and Eve.  Christ’s plan was to create a home for Him and His people to be into Him, and Him into His people. (WOW, God really has a awesome plan,but yet we fail to see it?!) I am beginning to see this plan of God in His people as the days go by, but to me it is going to slow for me!! I am filled with anticipation of the day that the sky’s are filled with thunder of His people lifting of His Name to the Heavens because they are filled with His Nature.  Let me take this to the next level, I believe that I understand the concept of this, but I may not know what it actually looks like?( Sounds confusing, I know!) Christ took all of us to the Cross with HIM, and He DIED. So if He Died, we must of Died too. Now let explain a little further, It could of been that our bodies died in a sense of a physical death, but along our physical body died, our human nature died also. Christians, I believe that we believe that it was just our human body that died, because they are still living with the human nature guiding them in their lives. But It was also the fact that our human nature was changed in Him to the Holy Nature. If we believe in Christ,we believe in all that He is. He is a Holy Nature.

My understanding of this paradigm is only that I believe in it. Christ’s nature in me. Period! I don’t know how this is created in anyone else but me, I have been on a journey with Christ for a few years. It could be the same for you or totally different. I have had a quandary  in my thinking on this, is it my role to push this on everyone that I meet or what. I have come across a verse that might answer my question. 2 Corinthians 3:6 (ESV) Who has made us competent to be ministers of a new covenant, not of the letter but of the Spirit. For the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.

It is not I that gives life, (in our human nature) it is the Holy Nature in me that gives Life!!!!!

Amen,Praise the Lord, God is Awesome, Holy is His Name, His Spirit is in ME!!


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