Simple little word, but yet so hard to do!!
Have you told someone to just rest? It is hard to do for more than 10 or 15 minutes without needing to just do something! Why do we think that we have do be doing something all the time? I believe it has something with our nature of being human. and the fact that we have been accustomed to be swayed or mandated at work to keep busy at all times!
Let me let you in on a little secret. Did you know that when God Created us on the sixth day of creation, that the next day God rested!! Now if, God was resting don’t you think that Adam was resting too! So in reality we should be resting in God. God’s work was finished. He rested upon His “Good” work! Adam was made complete,wonderful, and made in “His likeness”. God’s intention was for His creation to rest in Him forever and ever.
God’s 7th day of creation was His Rest, Man’s first day then man’s first day or God’s Rest.
Wow! This is called a revelation in my book! We have been led to believe that we were to be the doers of God, the movers and shakers of His Kingdom, the great leaders of His movement, the building of his church! but wait. We are to just rest? that just doesn’t compute!!
Revelations in my walking with the Lord have led me to many of these “aha” moments. I have realized that we need to go “against” our instincts,our “natural” feelings, or our this is the way the world does it excuse. God created this earth, for Man’s glory, for God to set His Head(Church) down to rest! What a awesome Picture!


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