A forgotten fact

The remembrance of Christ’s entrance into our world is coming up upon us. Our story telling of how the sheperds and wisemen coming to bethlehem, Mary and Joseph story of finding no place to stay,and star that shone so bright that night are in our minds and hearts.

But maybe we have not really noticed a small detail that is in the bible that we really didn’t or don’t understand?

Matthew 1:18- When his mother Mary had betrothed to Joseph,before they came together she was found to be with child from the Holy Spirit.

Is this a foreshadowing of what God was designing in us,like Mary of His Holy Spirit?! God’s Indwelling in us as we walk this earth? WOW. Yet, I think that as usual we looked at this account and saw it from the human perspective as man walking the earth with God’s help by living by laws.  God’s Spirit was Jesus in Mary. Double WOW. Can you see where this can lead? God’s Spirit being apart of Jesus and apart of Mary(man) will be crucified on that Cross in 33 years, Just leaving God’s Holy Spirit rising from that Grave. Man died along with his humanistic spirit and ways.!

God’s plan was for us to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to live accordingly. Just as Jesus did. He was all about being “I am about my Father’s Business”!!!!!!!! Amen


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