Our Testimony

What did everyone that of the previous statement of my blog?

This was a rather deep and profound statement if you knew what it was really saying!

“Our testimony should be that we do not know what is good or evil”

Let’s start with the the first half of the statement. Our testimony should be that, Our testimony is our living,our example,our words, our actions,our being,our lifestyle,our knowledge,our will,our wisdom, and our Christ be shown to Him, NOT to someone else!

The last part of the statement you might not understand where it is coming from? It is coming from the only time in history that there was no understanding of good or evil. And When was this? It was when Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden and doing God’s will. This was before Satan came to them and questioned them as to who really was in control? Who really knew everything, including the concept of good and evil. You see this was the real Church at it’s finest moment! The Church was Adam and Eve. Enjoying his beauty of Him!


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