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I am “going against the grain!”

There is a popular sports show on the radio and TV show named “The Dan Patrick Show”, a former sports anchor from ESPN network, his TV “dan-ettes” , fellow co-horts help him with the tv side of things. One of them Andrew Perloff has coined a phrase recently “going against the grain” in his explanation of someone doing something against the norm in any sport.

I have instituted this in my life. Mind,Body and Soul. You see I am not apart of this world! I do not know what this will look like or be like, but I feel that God is nudging me in this way. This is a very scary thing,but if we are of  the belief that We are of God, then we must not be apart of this world. This is a ongoing journey with the Lord, I pray that I can have his indwelling in me on a daily basis.  You see if I search for the “root” of Christ and not the “fruit” of Him, I will have his indwelling  in me, which will naturally flow the “fruits” of Him.

I challenge you to “go against the grain” and search for God in not of this world’s ways but according to “His Kingdom”. For to long we have searched and “done things in man’s ways”.  Why have we lived accordingly to man’s ways when we have been filled with His Spirit and not have accepted his indwelling in us.

I want to expound on this subject of going against the grain. When we examine ourselves,can we honestly say that we follow man’s ways everyday? Yes, I included. The basis of us not following man’s ways, is what happens to us when we finally do? This goes against our natural instinct! Aha!! Do you see it! Do you understand now!

This is what we fight against everyday as we live. This is our Natural instinct is to be apart of this world, not of the “Kingdom of God”.  I pray that I can be apart of the “Kingdom of God”. Daily we can do this, by believing his indwelling of Him in US.


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