What does 100% mean?

It seems that we use this term very loosely in our efforts to accomplish something. We will give it 100% effort to work today,100% to work in the yard, 100% to be on time to school.
These statements seem to be very vague in even their saying them. You see, if you were to give 100% to something it would be a statement from when you woke up in the morning to when you went to bed, to focus and to be mindful of all during this period. But yet most of the time it is just a spur of the moment thing when we realize that we are to follow through on our promise or our goal.
I would be willing to bet that most of us in reality are only giving 10% at best of doing that 100% commitment!
The crux of the matter is that we as Christians are trying to give that 100% to God when there is no way we are ever going to achieve this in our humanness.
Our traditions have led us to believe that we are to do “good works and be fruitful” according to the Word.I would like to interject hear a problem with our belief system, through the years. It seems that we have been focused on the fruits of Jesus while He was here on earth. We have been looking at the wrong thing, God gave Christ the Indwelling of Himself to Christ, so that He could be Holy while on earth. We tend to forget that it all begins with our nature that we were born with, that gets us in trouble. It doesn’t matter if we give 100% effort of our humanness it still equals 0% in God’s book because it is not of Him! His Nature is the one that gives Him the fruit of Him.
But yet we fail to realize that we are not to do these things through our own being. “We” have died to Christ ever since He died on the Cross! It is the Spirit of Christ that lives in us that Moves Us!!
I would like to remind us that it is God that moves the mountains,calms the seas, and puts the planets in their orbits. My 100% just doesn’t look like much to me, now.


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