The Designer

God designed our physical bodies to sustain itself all on it’s own.

He created our bodies to “breathe”. Did you ever notice that you don’t even think about breathing during the day? Besides how do you make yourself breathe? Weird,huh.  You see breathing is a innate thing that is built in to our system that we automatically do it without thinking about. We are breathing in air(oxygen) into our lungs to start the process of making our bodies start the process of life.  Thank God,Literally, Thank God for starting our bodies through this process for us.

The second thing that God has built into our bodies as a natural recurrence that we don’t have to worry about is eating. Our bodies crave for continuing input of a substance to sustain us as a physical being. We are thirsty, We are hungry, some more than others,(we know who you are,too). But, maybe this could be a good thing, we will talk about this later. Our eating is called a process, of eating of 3 meals a day, with maybe a few snacks a day. We we have looked back at our day and noticed that we have enjoyed our experience of the complete day, we are thankful that we are not hungry or thirsty as the day comes to a end.

The third thing that comes natural to us is sleep. we can go,go,go all day long and our bodies will tell us that it needs stop. Now some people have the different sleep patterns of the day, like to stay up late and sleep late, but we will not talk about them now. Our bodies are built to last for awhile, but not forever. Our bodies would be over sooner if we were to try and continue to go,go,go forever. It would simply quit working and die. The Lord’s intention was for us to have a daily schedule of breathing,eating,and resting.

Read the last statement that I made in the last paragraph again.

I am in awe in the suttle little things that He says or does and we don’t see or hear it! But that is another subject! If He created just 3 natural things in our human life to do, wouldn’t you think that He would use the same principals in our spiritual life?!

Let’s start with the most basic element of life in Him. BREATHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Breathing is the basis of life!! If we don’t breathe, we are dead! duh! This is basis our spiritual life also. If we are not breathing or not taking in Christ as our life, then we are dead! Breathing is the beginning of life and the end of life if you think about it! Our Spiritual Life begins with breathing in Christ as our life! Now, do you you just breathe in the morning when you get up and start your day and that’s all? If you do then you would be dead soon after this, cause I know you can’t hold your breath for more than maybe 20 seconds! So then you must continue to breathe continuous throughout the day! So in your living for Christ you must breathe Him in every 20 seconds! (have you ever thought about doing this, your life would totally be different I bet). I believe that this is and was God’s original intention in the Garden of Eden!!

Our 2nd natural Spiritual intention of Christ is to grow(eat) of Him! If we fail to do this if we are babies, we would stay a baby and not increase our body. Our body is naturally  craving food, or substance to strengthen our body, it does not want to stay the same. It wants to be full of food, quenched of hunger and thirst. God is Awesome! We are not to be satisfied with just knowing Him, but to be of Him. A human characteristic that  some of us aspire to is to be known by someone as a”likeness,or you are your father,or mother”. We have become our parents is maybe a good thing for some of us, some not in our eyes. But this is the concept that we should aspire to of our Heavenly Father!

The third natural Spiritual intention of Christ is to rest or sleep in Christ. This might be one of the hardest things for us to do, seems weird to say,but I believe it is where we fail the most. When I sleep, one it doesn’t take me long to go to sleep, I am out when I hit that pillow. The rest when I do wake up that I received let’s me be able to start another day.  The key to this rest is something that is nothing!  I mean nothing! We just relax and slow our breathing and our minds and we naturally fall asleep. If we would only would do this in our natural Spiritual life! To rest in Christ is to allow Him to be Christ, and for Us to be still,quiet,listening,and being filled with His indwelling. Hallelujah! I cannot for the life of me not be thinking of something during the day, my mind is always going on about something, What I need to do or say or be with someone during this time of activity is always keeping us going during the day. But at night we shut things off and our ming should stop,our bodies quit moving, and our spirit is there to be receptive to Christ in His dwelling. Praise His Name!! WOW!! God is Great!!

My God(The Designer) is wonderful in his ways, He is my motivation and my inspiration to live, I pray that you are Living,Growing,and Resting in His Spiritual Body today!!


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