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Egypt Part 2

I know you have read “Egypt” part 1 in the Bible, but did you know you are living in it in real life for “part 2”!!.

Say What?!

You will need to re-read the story of the Children of Israel in bondage in Egypt and their beginning exodus out of Egypt. This time read the passages as our christian struggles to get out of this “world”. You see there is symbolism in the bible that will lead us to our struggles as christian life.

Children of Israel in egypt were in bondage to the pharaoh but yet they were at a contentment that they didn’t realize until they left, as you will see later. The Israelites were suppressed into making bricks for pharaoh for his many monuments to himself. They were to make bricks with great difficulty considering the ingredients, or the lack of ingredients  that they were to use. They were subjected to long hours of slave labor for days on end.

But yet they were content in their life, you see they had access to good food,good housing and a good peace about them.

Doesn’t this story remind you of some society? Guess what, you are in it!! We are in “Egypt part 2”, you see we are in the New Testament version of it. God is showing us that our struggles are of this world we live in. Our Life is not in Him as He is showing us to be in. The Exodus that God takes the Children of Israel alas the “Church” is that we are to leave the old world behind(Christ died to this world)and we are to walk into God’s realm of His Spiritual Kingdom of Christ.

Our struggles in this world are always going to be tough in our present state. We will never conquer it. Christ died to it. We must then live in it through the spirit. It took the Israelites 40 years to understand this concept. It has taken us almost 2 centuries more to understand it, we still haven’t quite grasped it.

The big and defining question that all have to ask and struggle with in this living in the Kingdom of God is that I will miss the contentment but chaotic of this life. It is a scary thought of leaving this world of humanistic life and decisions. I have realized this in the discussions with other people in trying to describe the Kingdom life. It has been the only life that we have known. Any change that we would make would be abnormal. This has been my testimony these last few years. Living the Kingdom. It is called dieing to myself. Living of God. This is exactly what Paul was saying in the New Testament. For me to die,is Christ to Live. Amen and Praise the Lord.

Our Exodus out of our World(Egypt) and into the Kingdom of God will probably be just like the Israelites slow but enlightening as the days go by but it will well be worth it, when we are in the Kingdom of God.

One last statement to bring to the table, the Israelites were not just told to leave egypt and just find their own way. They had help. It wasn’t Moses either.

It was God in form of a Pillar of Cloud.

This is our example also of our living in our time. We do not move, let me repeat, we do not move until the CLOUD MOVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This will be the next blog, stay tuned.


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God is leading me to go thru the Book of Acts again, and see what the Word is telling us. I believe that “the Spirit” has leading me with some insight to this book of the Church that we have not noticed before.

I hope that we can go thru Acts and learn and discuss this to learn the mind of God together. I will start tomorrow and also bring my usual other blogs of so called wisdom.

Read Acts tonite and  be ready for it!

If you want to make sure you don’t miss anything that I send out, you can also go to my blog site and sign up for the email notification and it will send them to you via email, if you see my blogs thru facebook or twitter. Tell your friends and family to join in too. I love a good conversation or too.

My blog site is- Check it out. If you have a blog site let me know and I will check yours out too.

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What really is Faith?

American culture has a very bad use of words that either are not used in the right context or  are not understood at all. I believe the word “Faith” is one of them.

The word faith is a word of 100% or o%. Either you have it or you don’t! Think on this statement. Faith is a spiritual word. It is not a humanistic word.

We as christians in  a reality of between worlds I believe. We are caught in the dimension of living in the real world and the wanna be Christ world,but we are using terminolby of the Christly world in the human world that doesn’t apply.

Having faith in Christ is a Spiritual state in that we believe in something that we cannot see, but in Christ that we cannot physically see but in our deepest part  of our soul know that He is the Christ that died on that cross!.

Our lives should be based in this Spiritual world, not the humanistic world. Our Characteristics of living in this spiritual world will instinctively just ooze out of our shell or body   to be a actually example of Christ.

I believe that we as christians have been working from the wrong angle of perspective on our journey of life.  If would live as Christ’s being not as His actually life on earth, we would change the world. Remember, we are still walking around in this shell of a human that is fallible, Christ was also in this shell on earth, but He was without sin! This is a example of why we should not try to walk in Jesus’ way. Jesus was only here on earth to be an example of consummated being that had gone thru all the process of God’s eternal purpose.

The ultimate statement of Faith is our belief in Jesus Christ! Our understanding of Christ’s walk on earth of 33 and half years is important but His Nature is the true inspiration of his Life while on the earth. His nature was transported with Him when He came down from Heaven.

My journey with Him has been unbelievable with Him, I am just at the bottom of the mountain with Him in his Spirit but I am anxiously waiting to travel to top of the mountain to be with Him 100%.

Please pray for me in this journey of mine,  God is working some miracles in my life, but Satan is trying to steal His thunder. Let me continue the faith in Jesus Christ and not succumb to any stumbling blocks. God is awesome,wonderful,amazing and faithful!

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Dig deep, that’s where the meat is!!

I was told a story long time ago, probably from a preacher man,my dad I believe. A missionary had invited a friend to his supper table for stew one night. The friend had picked up the ladle and was skimming the top of the pot for the stew. The missionary noticed this and exclaimed to him “Dig deep, that’s where the meat is!!”

This statement is so true with everything that we do now days. We very rarely ever put much effort into anything we do, this includes our bible reading.

My journey over this past 3 years has led me to the fact that yes, I have read the bible over a few times. But I have not really seen the picture or the underlying message of the bible.

I have read all the stories and historical passages of the old testament, but I have really missed out on the real “meat” of the bible!

I would like to point out to you a few pieces of meat in the stew(bible). I have learned over the last few months that God has given the responsibility of a few men in the old testament of portraying Christ!! This fact alone should excite you for a little tidbit. The first man to portray this was Moses.

Moses was appointed by God to lead His people out of Egypt, to the promised land. Now, God only appoints someone to this huge undertaking if he is in God’s will and Spirit. When Moses is berated with the complaints of God’s people to why they are not taking care of in a humanistic way,(food, shelter,etc) they complain in a large way. This pressure is just to much for Moses to take! (How would you like it if 2 million people were standing in the customer service line complaining to you one by one!) God seen the pressure was to much for him, He then gave him 70 elders to help with the pressure of the people. Wow, Do you see the correlation between Moses and Christ and their burden of the people!

God brought out many other men in the old testament, including Abraham. Abraham was such a example of God in his living and testimony. His faith alone was such a amazing covenant to God. Abraham’s eyes were solely on God and His purpose. It had to have been, who in their right mind would of tried to sacrifice their only son. God is looking for our allegiance to Him in every way of life that we go through. Abraham is known mainly the title of “the Father of many nations” by God. This was due to the fact that God told him that He would have many descendants  coming from him! Sounds strange when he was just 100 years old and didn’t have any kids!

Let me tell you a cool little tidbit in the stew! Did you know that God didn’t start working with Abraham as His leader until he was dead to himself! It took abram 40 years to die to himself in trying to do God’s will his way. Until we realize that we can never to anything through our human efforts, will God wait until we are done trying. This is exactly what happened to Abraham!

There is so much meat at the bottom of pot, that it could feed millions of people!! It is because we as christians are so shallow in our lives. I would like to make a statement here that might take you back.  I feel that we are still the same condition as the people in the old testament. We have looked at ourselves as the human being that God created in His image and we only see this human form! We fail to look inside the human condition and God and the Holy Spirit as our nature!

I pray that we can quite skimming the top to the pot of our daily food, and dig deep into that pot and be filled with His Word! If we fail to do this we are no better than the children of Israel and many years of roaming in the desert trying to find that answer.

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Guest Article: The New Testament is Plural Not Singular (via Reimagining Church)

This is another great perspective for the Church to be! We have fallen with the world to specialize in the “Me” attitude in the church. It is the “church” or the “bride” that should be looking into God’s face on a daily basis.

The New Testament Is Plural (Us) Not Singular (Me) by Jon Zens As folks listen to local and media Bible teachers, most miss the fact that Christ’s body is missing from their use of the New Testament. More often than not the approach taken is individualistic – “how can Christ help me live the Christian life?” However, the NT was not written to individuals but to groups of believing people in various cities and regions. This does not come across in … Read More

via Reimagining Church

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We worship in Spirit and Truth

God’s design was to be instilled into our Spirit thru Truth.Period

Our humanistic institutional organizational attempts to do this same thing has not worked for the last 1700 years. Why do we think that we can keep on doing the same thing over and over with maybe a little twist in our service music or slideshow?

Do we not look at our past failures,our actual methodology and see that it is actually us that trying to accomplish something.  This is so wrong in so many ways.

Why do we feel the need to act on our beliefs as opposed to the Spirit. Our need to act, to move,to say what we deem as coming from the Lord. We need to question people whether they are in authority or a friend that speaks for himself. Jesus said we are to question those of authority to see if they are of Christ’s Spirit.

We First are to “See the Truth” of Christ for He is the measuring tool to know the Truth or Lie.

Christ has given us a spirit to See the Truth of Christ, our mission is to search Him, He will “be” the Truth that we are searching for!

I have told many people through our discussions that I do not know how this will look like, but I know that it is what I am striving for. If all proclaimed Christians were to worship in Spirit and Truth the Church would be Rocking this World!!!!

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One thing leads to another

I would like to also add to my repertoire of commenting on the state of the country. Now I usually have not been that interested in the affairs of society but I am going to make this exception for this reason. I believe that the “kingdom of God” is changing the face of society without society even knowing it. I would love to hear from you and your opinions on anything or the topic at hand.

My first observation on the country is that through the peril of the financial mess that the country is in, that this is slowly and eventually changing our standards on alot of things in our lives. One of these things is the educational system. Their will be some major changes in the way we do this in next 5 years I predict. There will be some re-thinking on how we bringing up our children and training them. It is always been our inclination to just throw money at the problem and it would take care of it self. But if you don’t have the money to throw, then you have to do something else. Now, I think that many people will  try different things to combat this problem, but I think you will eventually see that the training of our children may come back to the home.

From the christian perspective  on this issue, do you see maybe that the Lord is getting us into the position of having the ultimate faith in Him and Him alone. The Israelites in their journey thru the dessert finally realized that their daily faith would sustain them. We as christians have not had to rely on Christ on a daily way.

Do you think that God is changing our environment to change us? He did it to the Israelites in the old testament all the time to create His people.

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Did you know?

Did you know that God wrote the the New testament in the Old Testament!
The entire new testament is foreshadowed into the Old testament.
Next time you read Genesis, read it with this in mind. God’s word is sooooo enlightening!!!!

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How does one tell,show,convince, or believe in the concept Spiritual Reality?

This subject has been weighing on my mind for quite awhile now, and the only answer that I have to reply with is—- I don’t!!!

This may sound weird and controversial, but I believe that this is how I truly believe that God wants me to proceed in my journey. My belief in the “indwelling of God’s Spirit” in me, and to just “live that Spirit” and to “just be” .

Let me clear the mud in what I am saying. My journey has come from a lot of different things and from different perspectives and my personality. I am one of kind! but that might not be good!ha,ha. But God thinks that it is, you see we are all different, in our unique ways that God made us. We think and act in different ways. I do not know how anybody processes things so that they understand something, the only thing that I can do is to have my “testimony of God”. I am not sure that God wants us to have that responsibility of knowing on how to actually reach someone or “save” someone.

The concept that Jesus uses in Matthew of the seed falling to the ground is a good example of what I am talking about. My understanding of this parable is that”Us”(I will elaborate on this in a second),falls to the ground, to different kinds of dirt or rock, and acts accordingly. I first am a seed, which is easy to understand, if I am planted I will grow into something bigger and better. Secondly, I will produce offspring! Multiply!! Thirdly, the condition that I surround this seed in, my environment is the key to the growth of the seed. My rationalization of this is that I have to be in deep fertilizer! Not rocky soil,not shallow fertilizer, but deep fertilizer that keep me grounded in the soil.

When you talk about starting to plant with seeds, did you know that their is usually something that is overlooked of that planting?  Every seed has to DIE before it can reproduce!!!!!

We must completely die to being a seed!!!!! We cannot be a seed no more. we cannot be that shell of seed, we cannot be that small or useless seed. We have to die,be buried, and rise again in a different realm of life! Re-read my last line, does this sound familiar? Isn’t this the exact same thing the Jesus did!

When I said “US” in the fifth paragraph, this statement might be confusing to some. This Us is Jesus and You and me that He took with Him to the Cross and Died for us,with us,and was all about us. Our humanity was killed! Jesus humanity was killed. His and our humanity is dead, but there is still that process and memory that we have journeyed through our lives that we can Thank God for! But we have to realize that we are now in the New Kingdom.  We are not of this World! Jesus words to Pilate are the crux of our living! John 18:36- Jesus answered,”my kingship is not of this world;if my kingship were of this world,my servants would fight,that I might not be handed over to the Jews; but my kingship is not from the world.

John 18:37- Pilate said to him,”so you are a king” Jesus answered, “You say that I am a king. For this I was born, and for this I have come into the world,to bear witness to the truth. Every one who is of the truth hears my voice.” RSV

I am to bear witness to the truth. period. Amen and Amen

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Describing your wife to someone that has never met them can be a challenging task. We can either describe them in their physical way or their personality way. Which way would you describe your spouse? I would describe my wife in the personality way because of the more descriptive manner that I can show her  true self.

My personality descriptive explanation of my wife who’s name is Debbi, will be things that you won’t see in a physical way, but in a mannerism, or her character or her many wonderful qualities of a wife that she has.

I am telling you things about my wife that are not things that you can see with your naked eye, but the non-physical things or I will call them her spiritual characteristics. I want to use the word spiritual for a reason. We as Christians need to change our perspective,or paradigm of our christian life. If we are the indwelling of Christ, why are looking thru humanistic eyes. Christ came to us in a man state to only show us that He had to die in His man state to be resurrected as a Heavenly Christ. God’s goal was not for us to follow Jesus walk on this earth as His example,but His dying to His self, to be raised up to a resurrected life of Christ.

This state of Christ is not in anyway the same as Jesus walking on the way to Jerusalem on a saturday afternoon. This is Christ being God as He designed Him.

My description of Christ is very personal and very real to me, it even is a inner me of Him, It is a bond. Christ’s humanness was only 33 1/2 years long! Christ’s Spirit has always been around!!!!!

God’s eternal plan was to create a people that He could come Home to and have fellowship with them. His Spirit with their Spirit. The New Jerusalem or tabernacle will be of this Great Union, God’s Spirit and ours! What a day that will be!!



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