Let’s take this from a different View!

New Year, New Way!

This year when reading your bible, try reading the Bible a different  way.

Don’t read the bible in the traditional  way of reading the words that portray a story of Moses, Or Christ walking along the Sea of Galilee, or Paul writing letters in his cell block, read the bible as if it was a picture book of God’s portrail of Him wanting to create a likeness of Himself and having His people be filled with His indwelling to be as one.

You see I don’t believe that God intended the Bible to be looked at as just a chapter and verse story book that we could just pick and choose what it should mean to us. If we would look at the Bible as a complete picture of God’s plan of redemption for man and His recovery to God, we would see that God’s picture is a awesome Rembrandt!

Look at the Bible as not humanistic rituals or rights of  rituals, for us to follow all the way down the yellow brick road!! But look and listen to the types of Christ that is portrayed in the old testament. Look at the building of the tabernacle not as blueprint by the numbers, but as a type of what the church is not in our life on earth as Christians but as what God designed as the church as not this building set forth as a ritualistic pattern of living, but of our sacrificial living as a example to God. Our sole purpose from Day One was to be “Life”, God. Christ is and was a example  of us choosing Life, not good and evil, as we did in the Garden of Eden.

We need to dig deeper and to look into God’s Spirit and see  God’s Eternal Purpose! I pray that you take another look at the Bible as a Eternal Picture Of His Purpose.

Hang on, because you will be on the ride of your Life!  I have!


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