Watchman Nee and Witness Lee

Anyone read from these guys? Their Living Stream Ministry has alot of resources for use. One of them is the the Life Study of the Bible.
I have using this for almost 9 months, I started with Genesis and I am now finishing up Leviticus. This study is amazing insight to the bible, Witness Lee has expressed his indwelling of Christ into actual insight into the bible that makes it understood and under a different Light! It has changed my life and my understanding of the bible is totally clear now!
If anyone else is or has read the Life study to let me know so we can chit chat on it. Would love to discuss this amazing inspiration!
If you would like to check this study out, go to or for short.



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3 responses to “Watchman Nee and Witness Lee

  1. Don

    Yes, I own and have read Life-stduy of the Bible and my response matches yours. I will be happy to chat with you.
    Don in Los Angeles

    • How would you describe witness lee’s life study to someone? I have always tried to explain it but it is hard to tell someone what it really is. It is not a bible study as one might think but so much deeper. any help. thanks

      • Don

        I describe it as a Bible study that focuses on Christ and on our experience of Christ as our life. The study emphasizes spiritual reality and minimizes attention to the natural realm (e.g. cultural customs or geography). In the Old Testament his focus includes people, things, and events that foreshadow Christ. This comes from Luke 24:27 where the Lord told us that there are many things in the OT concerning Himself.

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