Back to the basics

Can this be the year that we cutout the fluff? Do we really need all that stuff laying around our house just to look good or to just be a “knick knack”. Do we really need to have something if we only use it once, or it is out of sight?

We really do need to re-evaluate our lives and our stuff! Go ahead take inventory of your house, look at everything you have in display,look at things that you packed up in your attick,your basemant or just in your closet. If you haven’t used it in awhile, why not get rid of it and get a little money for it. In your searching through  your house you can also notice what you or your families priorties  are!

Our purpose  in life should be the basic of life’s living. Eat,sleep,and breath. I don’t take this light either. You see this is what God intended us to do from the beginning of time. Eat,sleep and breathe of Christ. Our lives were created to be of God,for we were made in the image of God, we need to be filled with the basic’s of God.

We need to have these 3 things in our lives and only these 3 things. We need to eat of God, His words,His thoughts,and His ways. This is actually our christian diet of sorts. You see we might cheat on this diet and eat of something not of God!

Our breathing should be natural, of the spiritual way. We breathe in our human form without thinking, our breathing of God should be just as natural. Our mind,body and spirit should be in perfect harmony with each other. Our daily lives should be in sync with God and His will that we should not even have to think about it.

The third basic of life is that of rest. We do not treat this basic aspect of life very good. We either are resting to much or not enough. God designed the world with every intention of 7 days of creation,not 6. You see 7 days is a complete number in all by itself. But that the fact that there was 6 days of work and stop was not the intention of God. It was the intention of God to create the World in 6 days and then rest and enjoy All His Creation! This was not for God to enjoy just for Himself, for that would not be enjoyable. It was for Him to enjoy His creation with US! Is that Awesome or what!!!

So Let’s get back to the basics and enjoy God!!


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