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Describing your wife to someone that has never met them can be a challenging task. We can either describe them in their physical way or their personality way. Which way would you describe your spouse? I would describe my wife in the personality way because of the more descriptive manner that I can show her  true self.

My personality descriptive explanation of my wife who’s name is Debbi, will be things that you won’t see in a physical way, but in a mannerism, or her character or her many wonderful qualities of a wife that she has.

I am telling you things about my wife that are not things that you can see with your naked eye, but the non-physical things or I will call them her spiritual characteristics. I want to use the word spiritual for a reason. We as Christians need to change our perspective,or paradigm of our christian life. If we are the indwelling of Christ, why are looking thru humanistic eyes. Christ came to us in a man state to only show us that He had to die in His man state to be resurrected as a Heavenly Christ. God’s goal was not for us to follow Jesus walk on this earth as His example,but His dying to His self, to be raised up to a resurrected life of Christ.

This state of Christ is not in anyway the same as Jesus walking on the way to Jerusalem on a saturday afternoon. This is Christ being God as He designed Him.

My description of Christ is very personal and very real to me, it even is a inner me of Him, It is a bond. Christ’s humanness was only 33 1/2 years long! Christ’s Spirit has always been around!!!!!

God’s eternal plan was to create a people that He could come Home to and have fellowship with them. His Spirit with their Spirit. The New Jerusalem or tabernacle will be of this Great Union, God’s Spirit and ours! What a day that will be!!




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