One thing leads to another

I would like to also add to my repertoire of commenting on the state of the country. Now I usually have not been that interested in the affairs of society but I am going to make this exception for this reason. I believe that the “kingdom of God” is changing the face of society without society even knowing it. I would love to hear from you and your opinions on anything or the topic at hand.

My first observation on the country is that through the peril of the financial mess that the country is in, that this is slowly and eventually changing our standards on alot of things in our lives. One of these things is the educational system. Their will be some major changes in the way we do this in next 5 years I predict. There will be some re-thinking on how we bringing up our children and training them. It is always been our inclination to just throw money at the problem and it would take care of it self. But if you don’t have the money to throw, then you have to do something else. Now, I think that many people will  try different things to combat this problem, but I think you will eventually see that the training of our children may come back to the home.

From the christian perspective  on this issue, do you see maybe that the Lord is getting us into the position of having the ultimate faith in Him and Him alone. The Israelites in their journey thru the dessert finally realized that their daily faith would sustain them. We as christians have not had to rely on Christ on a daily way.

Do you think that God is changing our environment to change us? He did it to the Israelites in the old testament all the time to create His people.


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