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We worship in Spirit and Truth

God’s design was to be instilled into our Spirit thru Truth.Period

Our humanistic institutional organizational attempts to do this same thing has not worked for the last 1700 years. Why do we think that we can keep on doing the same thing over and over with maybe a little twist in our service music or slideshow?

Do we not look at our past failures,our actual methodology and see that it is actually us that trying to accomplish something.  This is so wrong in so many ways.

Why do we feel the need to act on our beliefs as opposed to the Spirit. Our need to act, to move,to say what we deem as coming from the Lord. We need to question people whether they are in authority or a friend that speaks for himself. Jesus said we are to question those of authority to see if they are of Christ’s Spirit.

We First are to “See the Truth” of Christ for He is the measuring tool to know the Truth or Lie.

Christ has given us a spirit to See the Truth of Christ, our mission is to search Him, He will “be” the Truth that we are searching for!

I have told many people through our discussions that I do not know how this will look like, but I know that it is what I am striving for. If all proclaimed Christians were to worship in Spirit and Truth the Church would be Rocking this World!!!!


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