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Dig deep, that’s where the meat is!!

I was told a story long time ago, probably from a preacher man,my dad I believe. A missionary had invited a friend to his supper table for stew one night. The friend had picked up the ladle and was skimming the top of the pot for the stew. The missionary noticed this and exclaimed to him “Dig deep, that’s where the meat is!!”

This statement is so true with everything that we do now days. We very rarely ever put much effort into anything we do, this includes our bible reading.

My journey over this past 3 years has led me to the fact that yes, I have read the bible over a few times. But I have not really seen the picture or the underlying message of the bible.

I have read all the stories and historical passages of the old testament, but I have really missed out on the real “meat” of the bible!

I would like to point out to you a few pieces of meat in the stew(bible). I have learned over the last few months that God has given the responsibility of a few men in the old testament of portraying Christ!! This fact alone should excite you for a little tidbit. The first man to portray this was Moses.

Moses was appointed by God to lead His people out of Egypt, to the promised land. Now, God only appoints someone to this huge undertaking if he is in God’s will and Spirit. When Moses is berated with the complaints of God’s people to why they are not taking care of in a humanistic way,(food, shelter,etc) they complain in a large way. This pressure is just to much for Moses to take! (How would you like it if 2 million people were standing in the customer service line complaining to you one by one!) God seen the pressure was to much for him, He then gave him 70 elders to help with the pressure of the people. Wow, Do you see the correlation between Moses and Christ and their burden of the people!

God brought out many other men in the old testament, including Abraham. Abraham was such a example of God in his living and testimony. His faith alone was such a amazing covenant to God. Abraham’s eyes were solely on God and His purpose. It had to have been, who in their right mind would of tried to sacrifice their only son. God is looking for our allegiance to Him in every way of life that we go through. Abraham is known mainly the title of “the Father of many nations” by God. This was due to the fact that God told him that He would have many descendants  coming from him! Sounds strange when he was just 100 years old and didn’t have any kids!

Let me tell you a cool little tidbit in the stew! Did you know that God didn’t start working with Abraham as His leader until he was dead to himself! It took abram 40 years to die to himself in trying to do God’s will his way. Until we realize that we can never to anything through our human efforts, will God wait until we are done trying. This is exactly what happened to Abraham!

There is so much meat at the bottom of pot, that it could feed millions of people!! It is because we as christians are so shallow in our lives. I would like to make a statement here that might take you back.  I feel that we are still the same condition as the people in the old testament. We have looked at ourselves as the human being that God created in His image and we only see this human form! We fail to look inside the human condition and God and the Holy Spirit as our nature!

I pray that we can quite skimming the top to the pot of our daily food, and dig deep into that pot and be filled with His Word! If we fail to do this we are no better than the children of Israel and many years of roaming in the desert trying to find that answer.


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