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God is leading me to go thru the Book of Acts again, and see what the Word is telling us. I believe that “the Spirit” has leading me with some insight to this book of the Church that we have not noticed before.

I hope that we can go thru Acts and learn and discuss this to learn the mind of God together. I will start tomorrow and also bring my usual other blogs of so called wisdom.

Read Acts tonite and  be ready for it!

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What really is Faith?

American culture has a very bad use of words that either are not used in the right context or  are not understood at all. I believe the word “Faith” is one of them.

The word faith is a word of 100% or o%. Either you have it or you don’t! Think on this statement. Faith is a spiritual word. It is not a humanistic word.

We as christians in  a reality of between worlds I believe. We are caught in the dimension of living in the real world and the wanna be Christ world,but we are using terminolby of the Christly world in the human world that doesn’t apply.

Having faith in Christ is a Spiritual state in that we believe in something that we cannot see, but in Christ that we cannot physically see but in our deepest part  of our soul know that He is the Christ that died on that cross!.

Our lives should be based in this Spiritual world, not the humanistic world. Our Characteristics of living in this spiritual world will instinctively just ooze out of our shell or body   to be a actually example of Christ.

I believe that we as christians have been working from the wrong angle of perspective on our journey of life.  If would live as Christ’s being not as His actually life on earth, we would change the world. Remember, we are still walking around in this shell of a human that is fallible, Christ was also in this shell on earth, but He was without sin! This is a example of why we should not try to walk in Jesus’ way. Jesus was only here on earth to be an example of consummated being that had gone thru all the process of God’s eternal purpose.

The ultimate statement of Faith is our belief in Jesus Christ! Our understanding of Christ’s walk on earth of 33 and half years is important but His Nature is the true inspiration of his Life while on the earth. His nature was transported with Him when He came down from Heaven.

My journey with Him has been unbelievable with Him, I am just at the bottom of the mountain with Him in his Spirit but I am anxiously waiting to travel to top of the mountain to be with Him 100%.

Please pray for me in this journey of mine,  God is working some miracles in my life, but Satan is trying to steal His thunder. Let me continue the faith in Jesus Christ and not succumb to any stumbling blocks. God is awesome,wonderful,amazing and faithful!

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