Egypt Part 2

I know you have read “Egypt” part 1 in the Bible, but did you know you are living in it in real life for “part 2”!!.

Say What?!

You will need to re-read the story of the Children of Israel in bondage in Egypt and their beginning exodus out of Egypt. This time read the passages as our christian struggles to get out of this “world”. You see there is symbolism in the bible that will lead us to our struggles as christian life.

Children of Israel in egypt were in bondage to the pharaoh but yet they were at a contentment that they didn’t realize until they left, as you will see later. The Israelites were suppressed into making bricks for pharaoh for his many monuments to himself. They were to make bricks with great difficulty considering the ingredients, or the lack of ingredients  that they were to use. They were subjected to long hours of slave labor for days on end.

But yet they were content in their life, you see they had access to good food,good housing and a good peace about them.

Doesn’t this story remind you of some society? Guess what, you are in it!! We are in “Egypt part 2”, you see we are in the New Testament version of it. God is showing us that our struggles are of this world we live in. Our Life is not in Him as He is showing us to be in. The Exodus that God takes the Children of Israel alas the “Church” is that we are to leave the old world behind(Christ died to this world)and we are to walk into God’s realm of His Spiritual Kingdom of Christ.

Our struggles in this world are always going to be tough in our present state. We will never conquer it. Christ died to it. We must then live in it through the spirit. It took the Israelites 40 years to understand this concept. It has taken us almost 2 centuries more to understand it, we still haven’t quite grasped it.

The big and defining question that all have to ask and struggle with in this living in the Kingdom of God is that I will miss the contentment but chaotic of this life. It is a scary thought of leaving this world of humanistic life and decisions. I have realized this in the discussions with other people in trying to describe the Kingdom life. It has been the only life that we have known. Any change that we would make would be abnormal. This has been my testimony these last few years. Living the Kingdom. It is called dieing to myself. Living of God. This is exactly what Paul was saying in the New Testament. For me to die,is Christ to Live. Amen and Praise the Lord.

Our Exodus out of our World(Egypt) and into the Kingdom of God will probably be just like the Israelites slow but enlightening as the days go by but it will well be worth it, when we are in the Kingdom of God.

One last statement to bring to the table, the Israelites were not just told to leave egypt and just find their own way. They had help. It wasn’t Moses either.

It was God in form of a Pillar of Cloud.

This is our example also of our living in our time. We do not move, let me repeat, we do not move until the CLOUD MOVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This will be the next blog, stay tuned.


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