I have a 24 hour God!

The problem with people is that we plan to far in advance! Now, two things that are wrong with this statement. One is that we people plan! Two, we plan in advance, more than today!

God never ever in his wildest plans ever wanted us to work, let alone work on trying to stay alive on our own fruition.  You see it is not about me or you. It is about HIM!!! We as a sinful nature will not ever be possible to create a future even close to perfect. He has only wanted to have His people to be of His likeness.

People that have their days planned out until 2020, you should laugh in their face. Then ask them “Can you actually guarantee that you will be here in that year!” We are arrogant and proud people in our humanistic ways,aren’t we!

Do we realize that by doing this planning that  we minimalize the importance of each day that goes by.  Why do we value  the future when we don’t value the present? This concept of valuing the present or this time capsule of 24 hours which equals our known measure of a day, should and cannot be planned by us. For it is God that has created us, and He has the plans for us and our future! Amen and Praise the Lord. But yet it is like we run our own travel agency of our lives and then we wonder why God doesn’t  lead us to what He wants us to do or say or be? Like a famous  character once said “DUH”

If we would realize that it is God wants us to rely on Him just 24 hours at a time.

God wants us to crave Him every morning for 24 hours. He wants us to get up the next morning and crave Him again for 24 hours. And the next day,and the next day. It is actually like craving your all time special dessert(mine is Chocolate Cake) every morning from now to eternity!!

Same song, different  verse.  the song is “Jesus”


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