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Definition of yourself

To get where you want to go, you first need to know where you are!!!!

Boy, this is true in so many ways. Try asking for directions to go meet someone for coffee, the first question that they ask you is “where are you at”

This question is the first question that we should ask ourselves on a daily basis. “Where are we at”

This question is a simple but a very deep meaning when we finally come to try and answer it.  We are at first be aware that we are human!?doh! This I believe should be the one and only question we should query ourselves.

What is humanness and what does it really mean? This question might be answered from two different perspectives, one from the Christian and one from the non-Christian.

The perspective of the non-Christian would be fairly simple I believe, it would be that “it is what I am and I cannot be anything else”.

The perspective of the Christian of being human should be that I was born into this state, I have died to this nature and I am now of “a Living Christ”.

I have a problem at this moment with the Christian arena that I see and hear from that are not living that “living Christ”.  They are still in this human state trying to be a Spiritual Living thing, it ain’t going to happen!!  Christ died on the cross with our humanness and His Humanness to just become a Living Christ!  I believe we have not understood the deep down meaning of this action of Christ. Our lives are not to showcased of human accomplishments of our works,ideas,programs,institutions, or churches, but of His Eternal Kingdom! God says in Matt. 16;18 that “I will build My Church” , it sounds like He doesn’t need any help to me! I am going against the grain in this thought of christiandom but I truly believe that we opened a can of worms in the church by emphasizing our main goal was to a missional church,  I believe that God ask us to be witnesses for him in all the world. I believe this with all my heart, but maybe in a different way than you think.  The word witness means : one that has personal knowledge of something. or one that gives evidence of something. or a personal that gives his testimony in a court case. In all these definitions you will not see a action of going out to give your testimony to someone else. As like a Court of law, you will not give your testimony until you are asked to by a lawyer.  In Acts we see the disciples be touched by the Holy Spirit when they waited in Jerusalem for 40 days. They were so touched by Him that they were given different dialects to speak in to go to the various cities to be a witness of Him. This action was a two-fold proclamation in that the disciples were beginning to be persecuted in Jerusalem  and that their presence needed to be in the other hubs of the world to be a influence.

The definition of you and me should be that our being be that of Christ’s mind, Christ’s being, and Christ’s Heavenly Father.


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