Is money our God?

I think we might have the denial of money as being our god. We have little by little consumed ourselves  with the thought of money without realizing it or most importantly our achieving of more money!

Let me interject here what I think may be the problem and the solution! We,as people have learned to provide for ourselves and our families for more than just one day!!!!!!!!

Let me start with the human perspective first, Now this may sound barbaric in saying this but I believe it is coming from the core of the problem, but man at one time had to depend on himself for all his needs for survival for food,clothing and shelter every day. It was the same old thing,wake up find food,cook it eat,make clothes,make a roof over your head.

But this ended when man decided to plan for more than one day at a time. It changed when he decided to make it easier(so he thought) for himself and to create that invironment around him to maybe work hard enough that I could take a day off down the road that I wouldn’t have to do anything for a day or maybe a weekend!  Thus was created the weekend or time off!

Secondly,God’s design for man was to search Him(being with Him) on a daily basis. On that Sabbath day to Rest in Him! We are to be filled with Him with that eternal spirit of God that is the Holy Spirit.

God’s Got Our Back! He knows the future,He plans the world in His Eternal Purpose for His Ministry. Why do we then try to torture ourselves to be like the jone’s and work 80 hours a week to create this imitation world that we cannot support ourselves in?

I,myself would like to see us step back to the past and see that it wasn’t that bad back then, when we had to “rough it” with the basics of life. If you think about it, if we are only thinking and doing what we supposedly have to do to survive this world with the basics, then God has a clear path of our communion with Him. But to make this even better is that God wants us to rely on Him for that daily life, so our life could be good!


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